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battery chicken cages for sale 

Material: Hot dip galvanized
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Lifespan: up to 20 years
Experience: 30 years experience in poultry equipment

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 A Type Battery Chicken Cages

A type battery chicken cages can also be called A frame chicken cages, which are mainly used to raise laying hens for chicken poultry farm. It is simple in structure, easy to operate, and the degree of automation can be customized according to your needs or budget. A type chicken cage is a very popular chicken cage in the market with low price and quick return. It is generally used in small and medium poultry farms, and helps to improve production efficiency and save production costs.

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H type battery chicken cages can be used to raise layers, broilers and chicks. It can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, environmental control and other systems to realize fully automated chicken raising. This kind of chicken cage has a high breeding density, which is very suitable for medium and large chicken farms. It can realize intensive and high efficiency production, and it is the trend of large scale and modern chicken farming.

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Hot Sale Poultry Chicken Cages & Automatic Poultry Farming Equipments

Layer chicken cages

Layer chicken cages, also named laying hen cages or layer battery cage system, are used for breeding layer hens after growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks.It can increase the egg production rate and provide convenience for chicken farmers to collect eggs.

Broiler chicken cages 

Broiler chicken cages are mainly used for breeding broilers for meat production. Broilers grow very quickly in the cages. 1 day old broilers can be directly put into the broiler battery cages and raised until harvested at 45 days.

Pullet chicken cages

Pullet chicken cage also known as brooder cage, it is designed for baby chicks from one day old to 7-8 weeks. This period is called the brooding period which lays the foundation for the subsequent feeding phase in the layer cages.

Automatic battery cage system

Fully automatic battery cage system is designed to manage poultry more efficiently to increase egg production and meat. The automatic battery cage system we provide can not only help to increase the breeding density, but also effectively increase the productivity of the chicken farm, helping you get the maximum benefit.

Automatic poultry drinking system
Automatic poultry drinking system

A pressure reducing valve, a water pipe and a drinking nipple are installed on the chicken cage. It can provide clean and stable water for poultry and reduce the risk of disease infection in the flock.After connecting the water source, turn on the switch to complete the automatic water supply.

Automatic poultry feeding system

There are two main types of poultry feeding equipment, namely the gantry type feeding machine and the driving type feeding machine. Both feeding machines are fully automatic, and you only need to click a button to complete the feeding for chickens. 

Automatic egg collecting system

For the layer cage system, the automatic egg collection device is a very important device. It can not only collect eggs, but also filter soft eggs and bad eggs. Automatic egg collection equipment can replace manual egg collection, greatly improving the efficiency of egg collection.

Automatic manure cleaning system

Chicken manure is bound to be produced in the process of raising chickens. Chicken manure cleaning equipment can help chicken farmers remove chicken manure from the chicken house, so as to ensure the sanitation of the chicken house.

Environment control system

This device can help regulate the temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc. in the chicken house.The growth of chickens has certain requirements for the growth environment. In order to obtain better benefits, the growth environment of the chicken should be satisfied as much as possible.

Best Poultry equipment supplier

LIVI is a professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier with 30 years experience, has many commercial poultry cages for chickens for sale to the whole world. And now, our chicken cages have been sold to more than 80 countries. In addition to the chickens cages, we also provide automatic poultry farming equipment such as automatic drinking water systems, automatic feeding systems, automatic egg collection systems, automatic manure cleaning systems and environmental control systems. We are committed to providing high quality poultry equipment and services to chicken farmers all over the world.

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Projects of poultry farming

layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe
100000 birds layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe
On April 18, 2023, We Just Shipped 100,000 Birds Layer Chicken Cages To Harare,Zimbabwe. The Client Has 8 Years Of Chicken Farming Experience. He Owns A Mature Chicken Farm. The Purpose Of Purchasing Layer Chicken Cages This Time Is To Expand The Scale Of Breeding And Further Expand Economic Benefits.
poultry farming in Nigeria
50000 broilers poultry farming  in Nigeria
Recently, We Provide A Poultry Farming Project For 50,000 Broilers To A Chicken Farmer From Nigeria. He Is A New Chicken Farmer And Is Not Very Familiar With Chicken Raising Equipment. We Not Only Provided Him With Poultry Equipment Solutions, But Also Designed Chicken House Construction Solutions For Him.
quality layer farm cage project in ghana
10000 layer chicken farming in Ghana
Last year, one of our clients from Ghana intends to raise 10,000 layers in one open chicken house. He bought 64 sets 4 tier A type layer cages from us,which can raise 10,240 chickens. And he also get a set of scraper type manure cleaner and a semi automatic feeding trolley for his farm.
chicken house design business plan

Free Chicken House & Poultry Farm Design

As one of the leading poultry equipment suppliers and manufacturers in China, LIVI has also provided chicken house designs and solutions for many customers from all over the world. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and services.        

The picture on the left is a schematic diagram of a chicken farm we designed for a customer from South Africa. There are four chicken houses in the picture, and each chicken house can raise 50,000 laying hens. We recommended H type layer cages for him. Now the chicken farm is running fine. The customer reported that the quality of the chicken cage is very good, and he would recommend his friends to buy it.

If you are thinking about starting a poultry business and worry about not knowing how to design chicken house and poultry equipment solutions, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with solutions for free.

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Customers Said

We are from Nigeria. We have purchased 20,000 laying hen cages and other automatic poultry equipment from LIVI. The quality is very good. We will continue to buy from LIVI.                                                                                                   

poultry cages customer in Nigeria

LIVI's chicken cages are very durable, I bought 400 sets of 3 tiers broiler chicken cages from LIVI. It has been used for 5 years now and the quality is still very good.

Andrew Bertrand

I am a chicken farmer from Ghana, and it is the second time I have purchased LIVI chicken cages. Their automatic egg collection equipment is really good, which greatly improves the egg collection efficiency.

10000 layer farm customer in Ghana
Anthony Garner 
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