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High Quality Egg Layers Cages Features and Advantages

What are egg layers cages?

LIVI is a specialized poultry farming equipment supplier. We have many types of poultry layers cages for sale. Egg layers cages are a kind of poultry cage. It also known as battery cages or poultry cages, are used to raise laying hens that have grown to 12 or 16 weeks. We can use layer cages to improve the egg production rate, which is convenient to breed for farmers. And it is easy to handle chicken manure, reducing the spread of diseases. We select high quality layer cages, including many features and advantages.

The characteristics and advantages of Egg layers Cages

LIVI product mainly has two types of egg layers cages for sale, including A type layer rearing equipment and H type layer rearing equipment. Now, let me tell you the characteristics of the two types.

A type egg layers cages:
It is suitable for chicken qualities about 1,0000 to 2,5000. We select international Q235 steel, which will have 15-20 years lifespan. And the U-shaped steel bar is important for layers cages to weight chickens and prevent corrosion. The common A type layer cages size is 4-tiers 5-door layer cage, 1950*350*380mm, 160pcs. In a word, A type layer rearing equipment is better for the beginner. It has simple structure, low cost and good ventalition. Automatic equipement can solve labor cost and increase working efficiency, easy to use and mentain.

H type egg layers cages:
It is currently the most advanced automated equipment and is suitable for larger scale chicken farms. It is suitable for the chicken qualities about 5,0000. It also uses the same international Q235 steel and the U-shaped steel bar.
The common H type layer cages size is:4-tier-2-door layer cage,1200*325*480mm. Besides, we also have other different sizes. In a word, H type egg layers cages are strong and durable, smooth surface, long service life up to 15-25 years. It also can prevent cross infection, reduce the cost of drug use.

The case of egg layers cages for sale in Philippines

LIVI Machinery has over 30 years experience in poultry export. We ever export poultry layers cages for sale to many multiple countries. Recently, we completed a layers cages project in Philippine. The poultry breeding industry in the Philippines is developing rapidly and has a good market prospect. Our Philippine customer wants to expand the scale of layer chicken qualities and achieve the most advanced automated equipment to reduce human cost. So we recommended the automatic H-type layer cage system for him. He trusted us and purchased 30 sets of H Type egg layers cages.

LIVI Machinery is a professional chicken farm equipment for layer cages manufacturer,providing high-quality layers cages for poultry farmers. Choose LIVI machinery, we will give you high quality poultry layers cages and best services.

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