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100000 birds layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe

On April 18, 2023, we just shipped 100,000 birds layer chicken cages to Zimbabwe. The client is a chicken farmer from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, who has 8 years of chicken farming experience. He owns a mature chicken farm. The purpose of purchasing layer chicken cages this time is to expand the scale of breeding and further expand economic benefits.

layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe

At the beginning of February this year, we received the first email from this client, saying that he saw our layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe on the Internet. He expressed interest and wanted us to send him some videos of the cages in use. On the same day, our salesman contacted the customer, and after a brief communication, he sent the video content that the client wanted to see. The next day, we received a reply from the client, he was very satisfied with our chicken cages and wanted to know more details. The follow up communication was very smooth. During the period, he also had many concerns and questions. Our salesmen provided solutions for customers one by one. Finally, on April 18, the chicken cages capable of raising 100,000 laying hens were successfully shipped to Harare.

The following is the detailed solution for this order

Cage Type: H type, 5 tier, 2 door, 160 birds/set.

Chicken Cage Layout: 4 rows/house, 79 sets/row, 316 sets/house.

Chicken House Size: 105M*12M*5M.

Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 50,560 birds/house.

Two such chicken house can totally accommodate 101,120 chickens.

100,000 birds layer chicken cages shipping list:

1. H type layer battery chicken cage system: 632  sets in total.

2. Automatic feeding machine: 8 sets, Trolley type, 1 set per row.

3. Belt manure removing system: 8 sets, one set per row.

4. Automatic egg collecting system: 8 sets, one set per row.

5. Ventilation system: 2 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and small side windows.

6. Automatic environmental controlling system: 2 set.

We are LIVI Machinery, committed to providing high quality chicken equipment for chicken farmers all over the world.

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