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50000 broilers poultry farming project in Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria is a lucrative business with a promising prospect; the country has the most significant number of chickens in Africa.

Recently, we provide a poultry farming project for 50,000 broilers to a chicken farmer from Nigeria. He has rich farming experience and is also very knowledgeable about chicken farming equipment. So our communication was very smooth, and we quickly reached a cooperation. Below is a photo of our shipment to Nigeria for this customer.

This customer has been raising chickens in Nigeria for 5 years and has run a very mature chicken farm. This time his purpose is mainly to expand the scale of the farm. Since the customer knew a lot about chicken farming equipment, he expressed his needs at the beginning. In addition to broiler cages, he wants to increase the degree of automation as much as possible and reduce labor costs. And he hope that we can help him design the construction plan of the chicken house.

According to customer needs, the poultry farming project we recommend include:

1、Chicken cage: 5 tiers H type broiler chicken cages, 17 birds/door, 170 birds/set, 74 sets/row, 4 rows/house, 294 sets/house, 50320 birds/house

2、Automatic feeding system: 4 sets driving type feeding machines

3、Automatic drinking system: 4 sets automatic drinking machines

4、Automatic manure cleaning system: 4 sets flat belt manure cleaning systems

5、Environmental control system: 17 fans, 19 wet curtains, 68 side windows, 1 set intelligent environmental control cabinet

6、Chicken Coop Recommendations: 100 meters length ,12 meters width , 4.5 meters height

poultry farming in Nigeria

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