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First-Rate Battery Cages for Broilers| Suitable broiler cages for Sale


Broiler cages are an essential component of modern poultry farming, providing a controlled and efficient system for raising broilers. Discover the benefits of using battery cage systems for broiler rearing and explore Livi's top-quality poultry farm equipment. Whether you have a small poultry business or a large-scale commercial farm, our equipment is designed to optimize productivity and profitability.

The Advantages of Utilizing broiler chicken cage

1. High Standard Automation: Our equipment is equipped with advanced automated systems for feeding, drinking, and manure removal. This ensures precise resource distribution, reducing manual labor and promoting optimal growth conditions for broilers.

2. Labor Savings: With automated systems, you can significantly reduce labor investments. Streamlined feeding and watering processes minimize the need for constant monitoring, allowing you to focus on essential aspects of your operations.

3. High Density and Space Efficiency: Our broiler cages enable high stocking density, maximizing land utilization. Vertical stacking allows for more broilers in a smaller area, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

4. Complete Separation of Chicken Manure: Livi's broiler cages incorporate design features that effectively separate chicken manure, improving hygiene and reducing disease risks. Easy manure management reduces odor and environmental pollution.

5. Easy Maintenance: Our broiler cages are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Durable materials resist corrosion and require minimal repairs, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment for the broilers.

Specifications of broiler battery cage

There are two types of broiler cages, including H-type battery and vertical simple H-type broiler cages. The specifications of each type are provided below.

H-type battery broiler cage1050*800*4203117102
Vertical Simple H-Type Broiler Cage1400*700*4003220120

An Introduction to the Broiler Cage System

The broiler cage system revolutionizes broiler rearing with its automated components. This comprehensive setup includes:

1. Automatic Feeding System: Precise feed distribution reduces labor and feed wastage, promoting optimal growth.

2. Automatic Drinking System: Clean water access through nipple drinkers or water cups ensures proper hydration.

3. Automatic Manure Removal System: Minimize waste accumulation with belt, scraper, or conveyor systems, enhancing hygiene.

4. Automatic Poultry Ventilation System: Regulate air circulation, temperature, humidity, and air quality to prevent stress and respiratory issues.

Livi's Broiler Poultry Farming Equipment Stands Out

Livi's broiler cages for sale stand out in the industry for these reasons:

1. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality International Q235 steel for resilience in demanding farming conditions.

2. Customized Solutions: Personalized services tailored to your farm's specific needs maximize efficiency and productivity.

3. Competitive Pricing: As a direct seller, we offer cost-effective equipment without compromising quality.

4. Excellent Customer Support: Round-the-clock support, comprehensive after-sales service, and warranty coverage ensure your satisfaction.

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Choose Livi's broiler poultry farming equipment for durable and customized cages at a competitive price. Join our satisfied customers and enhance the success of your broiler-rearing business. Contact us today!

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