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How Much Does 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages Cost

Introduction of 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

160 birds layer chicken cages is one of the most commonly used types of egg layer cages. These cages are designed in a tiered structure, allowing for maximum space utilization. Each tier consists of multiple compartments or cells, where hens are housed individually. This design helps to prevent aggression and cannibalism among the hens, ensuring their well-being and productivity.

The 160 birds layer chicken cages are 4 tiers A type layer cages,which is usually made of hot-dip galvanized wire. It is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can work in high-temperature environments. Generally, the size of this type of chicken cages is 1950*450*410mm. Each group of chicken cages can hold 160 chickens respectively. Of course, this size can be adjusted, if you need, you can also contact us for customization. So that you can raise more chickens.

A type 160  layer cage

Advantages of 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

Suitable breeding volume. 160 birds layer cages increase the breeding density and increase the breeding income while the scale is not particularly large. So it can be better managed and monitored. At the same time, compared with large-scale breeding, it is easier to control the health status and production status of the chickens in 160 layer cages, so as to better grasp the breeding benefits.

Adequate activity space. Proper activity space is very important for the healthy growth of chickens. Layers need enough room to spread their wings, walk and rest. 160 birds layer cages provide suitable activity space according to the number of laying hens to ensure the comfort and health of the chickens.

Suitable chicken cage height. The chicken cage of 160 birds layer cages contains 4 tiers, and the height is about 1.8M. The height is neither too high nor too low, just right for observing and managing the birds.

Low chicken cage cost. Compared with H-type chicken cages, the cost of 160 A-type chicken cages is lower. It is a relatively economical choice for primary farmers or farmers with limited funds.


Application of 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

Home Farming. 160 birds 4 tiers A type layer cage is a moderate size for a family or small-scale farm. It can provide sufficient laying hen egg production, but also relatively easy to manage and maintain.

Rural Farming. In rural areas, 160 birds A type layer cages can be a way for farmers to increase their income. By raising laying hens, farmers can use their own land and resources to obtain stable economic returns.

Small-Scale Farms. For smaller farms or primary farmers, 160 birds A type layer cages are an economical and relatively easy-to-manage option. Generally, chicken farms with less than 30,000 chickens can use this type A layer cage.

Successful case of 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages in Zambia

In the poultry farming industry in Zambia, LIVI machinery has won the recognition and trust of the majority of chicken farmers with its high-quality products and professional services. Recently, we had the honor to supply 160 birds layer chicken cages for a chicken farmer. Let us share this exciting success story.

At first, our 160 layer cages attracted the attention of this chicken farmer with its excellent quality and innovative design. After a detailed product introduction and on-site visit, and after in-depth communication with our technical team, he has a strong interest in our products. After that, our professional team provided a full range of support and services for chicken farmers. From site survey to equipment installation and commissioning, our engineers adhere to the attitude of excellence to ensure that everything goes smoothly. In addition, we have provided relevant training and technical guidance for chicken farmers to help them better master equipment operation and management skills.

After a period of operation, this chicken farmer has achieved remarkable results. He said: The 160 laying hen cages provided an efficient and comfortable breeding environment, which greatly improved the production performance of the chickens. The increase in egg production rate and the stability of quality have brought him huge profits, further consolidating his competitive advantage in the industry.

This is a photo of the customer's chicken farm:

If you also want to be as successful as this chicken farmer in Zambia, you might as well choose LIVI Machinery as your partner. Please contact us immediately, let us start a breeding journey full of hope and opportunity!

Price of 160 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

The price of chicken cages is affected by multiple factors, the most important of which is the quality of the chicken cages. Our 160 birds laying hen cages are made of high-quality materials, with a solid structure and good wind and pressure resistance, ensuring long-term use without damage. All of our chicken cages have passed ISO and CE testing, so there is no need to worry about quality issues.

We uphold the principle of affordability, and strive to provide you with an affordable choice. Our 160 birds layer chicken cages have always been sold at reasonable prices, allowing you to save money in your farming process without sacrificing quality and comfort. At present, our chicken cages have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. And we have cooperated with thousands of customers. You can leave a message to us about your breeding volume and chicken house situation. We will provide you with a free plan and quotation as soon as possible.

About Us

LIVI Machinery is an experienced poultry equipment supplier, committed to providing farmers with high-quality chicken cages and related equipment. Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services to help them maximize the benefits of farming.

Firstly, we pay attention to product quality and innovation. LIVI Machinery adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, carefully manufactures each chicken cage, and conducts strict quality inspections to ensure the durability and stability of the products. At the same time, we continue to carry out research and development and innovation to meet the continuous development and changing needs of the breeding industry, and provide customers with more advanced and intelligent equipment.

Secondly, we have a professional team and comprehensive services. LIVI Machinery's team is composed of experienced engineers and sales staff, who have professional knowledge and skills, and can provide customers with personalized solutions and consulting services. Whether it is equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance or technical training, we will wholeheartedly provide customers with all-round support.

Finally, we focus on the interests and satisfaction of our customers. LIVI Machinery always takes customers as the center, constantly listens to customers' needs and feedback, and strives to improve product quality and service levels. We firmly believe that only the success of our customers can promote our growth and progress.

To choose LIVI Machinery is to choose a reliable, professional and reliable poultry equipment supplier. Whether you are a novice farmer or an experienced farming expert, we will provide you with the most suitable solution to make your farming business flourish. Please contact us immediately, and work together with LIVI Machinery to create a better future for farming together!

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