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20000 Chickens 4 Tiers H Type Layer Cage Project in Tanzania

There are many chicken farmers in Tanzania, and we have served many clients from Tanzania. Next is a 20,000chickens 4 tiers H type layer cage project in Tanzania. Let's take a look at the realization process of this project

At the beginning of this year, this Tanzanian customer sent us an email through our official website.he content of the email was "how much is the price of a chicken cage for 20,000 layers". After that, our account manager got in touch with him very quickly. He is an experienced chicken farmer, and he now has a chicken house with 20,000 chickens. In order to increase income, now I want to increase the breeding capacity of 20,000 laying hens. Combining his farming experience and poultry equipment information found on the Internet, he wants to buy a batch of highly automated 4 tiers H type layer cages this time, so as to better realize the modernization of the farm.

Our account manager tailored a plan for him according to his needs and the size and layout of the chicken house, ensuring that every detail can meet his requirements. In order to let customers understand the quality of our products more intuitively, our account manager specially went to the factory to allow customers to closely observe the details of the products in the form of video. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with our products. And he decided to order chicken cages and automation equipment for 20,000 laying hens from us.

The list of 20000 chicken 4 tiers H type layer cage project:

1、Chicken cage: 4 tiers H type layer cages, 8 birds/door, 144 birds/set, 70 sets/row, 2 rows/house, 140 sets/house, 20160 birds/house
2、Automatic feeding system: 2 sets driving type feeding machines
3、Automatic drinking system: 2 sets automatic drinking machines
4、Automatic manure cleaning system: 2 sets flat belt manure cleaning systems
5、Environmental control system: 10 fans, 10 wet curtains, 63 side windows, 1 set intelligent environmental control cabinet
6、Chicken house recommendations: 95 meters length , 7 meters width , 3.5 meters height

After the plan is determined, we quickly arrange production and notify customers of the expected delivery date in time. Customers are also very satisfied with our service and look forward to receiving these chicken cages soon.

Finally, after two months of waiting, the customer received his long-awaited H type layer cage. Our professional team personally went to the customer's farm for installation and commissioning. They patiently guide customers how to use and maintain these layer cages correctly to ensure the best results.

Now, the customer's chicken house has a new look, and the chickens live and lay eggs happily in the spacious and comfortable 4 tiers H type layer cages. John's earnings have grown rapidly, and his supply of eggs has become more consistent and of superior quality.


This case is a real illustration of our 4 tiers H type layer cage ordering process, during which we are always customer-centric and committed to providing customers with the best poultry equipment and the best service. Whether you are a chicken farmer who wants to expand the farm like this customer, or want to improve the existing poultry farming conditions, the 4 tiers H type layer cage is an ideal choice.

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