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20000 Birds Layer Poultry Cages Successfully Shipped to Nigeria

Are you still struggling to find the right poultry cages in Nigeria? Please see here, we just successfully shipped 20000 birds layer poultry cages for a customer in Nigeria. Now his layer cages are being transported. If you are interested, welcome to read on.

Successful Case of 20000 Birds Layer Poultry Cages in Nigeria

This client is a local chicken farmer in Nigeria, who has been in the chicken industry for five years. He ran a very successful chicken farm, which has raised 30,000 laying hens. Since the beginning of this year, he wants to expand the farm and increase the breeding capacity of the chicken farm to 50,000 laying hens.

The following is the whole process of ordering by this customer:

First of all, this customer learned about our layer cages through our company's website, and became very interested in its innovative design and high-quality materials. He filled out our online inquiry form, providing his detailed needs and contact details.

Shortly after, our sales team got in touch with him. They had a detailed discussion to make sure our layer cages would meet his needs. The sales team patiently answered his questions and provided professional suggestions, which made him more trustful and satisfied with our products.

After confirming details such as specifications, quantity and price, he decided to place an order to buy 20000 birds layer poultry cages.

During the production process, our team is always in close contact with the customer, reporting the progress of the order in a timely manner. After the product is manufactured, our quality control team conducts a rigorous inspection of each layer cage to ensure the quality and integrity of the product.

Finally, we arranged the transportation of the 20000 birds layer poultry cages, as you can see in the picture

We hope that through our laying hen cages, customers can smoothly realize the improvement and expansion of chicken farming business.

Advantages of Our Layer Poultry Cages

Our layer poultry cages offer several advantages that contribute to the success and profitability of poultry farmers. These advantages include optimized space utilization, better egg quality, efficient management, and increased productivity. Let's explore each advantage in detail:

1. Optimized Space Utilization: Our layer poultry cages are designed to maximize space utilization, allowing farmers to accommodate a larger number of hens within a limited area. The cages are stacked in multiple tiers, utilizing vertical space efficiently. This design enables farmers to increase their flock size without expanding their farm footprint, leading to higher production capacity and improved profitability.

2. Better Egg Quality: The layer poultry cages contribute to better egg quality. The controlled environment of the cages ensures that the hens have access to clean feed and water, reducing the chances of contamination. The individual cages also prevent eggs from being soiled or damaged, resulting in higher-quality eggs with improved shell integrity and cleanliness.

3. Efficient Management: Our layer poultry cages simplify the management process for farmers. The cages are designed for easy access to feeders, waterers, and egg collection systems. This facilitates efficient feeding, watering, and egg collection routines, saving time and labor costs. The cages also allow for convenient monitoring of individual hens' health and behavior, enabling farmers to identify and address any issues promptly.

4. Increased Productivity: The combination of optimized space utilization, improved bird welfare, and efficient management leads to increased productivity. The controlled environment of the cages, coupled with proper nutrition and management practices, enhances the hens' egg-laying potential. The individual cages also prevent egg damage and reduce the risk of egg cannibalism, resulting in higher egg production rates. Increased productivity translates to higher revenue and profitability for poultry farmers.

About Us

We are a poultry equipment supplier with 30 years experience. As a professional industry leader, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality poultry cages and excellent solutions.

Over the past three decades, we have accumulated rich experience and expertise, and are constantly committed to R&D and innovation. Our products cover all aspects of poultry farming, including chicken house automation equipment, feeding systems, drinking water systems, temperature control equipment, etc. We are customer-oriented and constantly improve and optimize our products to ensure that they provide excellent performance and reliability.

Our equipment is not only equipped with advanced technology and high-quality materials, but also easy to install and operate. Our professional team will provide first-class pre-sales and after-sales support to ensure that customers can make full use of our equipment and obtain the best benefits.

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our customers, covering poultry farms of all sizes and types. We have won the trust and praise of our customers with our excellent product quality and excellent service.

In the future, we will continue to devote ourselves to innovation and development, and pursue excellence. We are willing to cooperate with more customers to achieve the goal of win-win development together.

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