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How Automatic Egg Collection System Transforms Poultry Operations

Brief Introduction

The automatic egg collection system transforms the breeding and feeding management of laying hens, revolutionizing poultry industry productivity. Developed by Livi, a leading provider of poultry farming solutions, this advanced system offers a smart alternative to labor-intensive manual egg collection.

The system comprises an egg conveying belt, egg collecting machine, egg filtering device, and horizontal and oblique egg conveying device. It efficiently collects up to 20,000 eggs per hour, seamlessly transporting them between chicken sheds while filtering out soft and damaged eggs, ensuring only high-quality eggs are processed. Horizontal and inclined conveyor belts facilitate effortless egg transfer to the egg warehouse, eliminating the need for workers to enter the chicken house, maintaining a germ-free environment.

The automatic egg collection system not only boosts efficiency and egg quality but also reduces labor and optimizes resource allocation, enhancing profitability and sustainability for poultry farmers.

automatic egg collection

How the Automatic Egg Collection System Works

Automatic egg collection systems ingeniously streamline egg collection from laying hens, offering remarkable efficiency and precision. Comprising various devices, these systems optimize egg collection, minimize labor, and enhance egg quality.

The process starts with an import device gently transporting the eggs to the collection machine. A specialized device carefully picks up each egg for intact delivery. Guided by a device, eggs flow smoothly through the system, while a buffer device prevents potential breakage. The transmission device, operating with a buckle chain gear and lifting chain, ensures system efficiency. A crucial safeguard is the egg filtration system, eliminating broken or defective eggs before further processing. The egg belt and belt drive system efficiently position eggs on the conveyor belt using a gear speed reducer drive and high-quality rubber roller. A front-end poultry egg collection system secures eggs within the system, preventing losses.

Managed by a professional electrical engineer's design, the power distribution system ensures reliable electrical control, customizable to user needs. The egg collection belt, made of durable polypropylene, ensures hygiene and endurance with customizable color options.

automatic egg collection

Advantages of Automatic Egg Collection System

Automatic egg collection systems offer numerous advantages for poultry farmers, revolutionizing the egg collection process and enhancing overall farm efficiency:

  • Increased Productivity: With the ability to collect up to 20,000 eggs per hour, automatic egg collection systems significantly boost egg collection rates, surpassing what can be achieved through manual labor alone. This increase in productivity allows farmers to meet higher demand and scale their operations effectively.
  • Labor Savings: By automating the egg collection process, these systems substantially reduce the need for manual labor. This liberates farm workers from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on other critical aspects of farm management, such as flock health and farm maintenance.
  • Improved Egg Quality: The delicate handling of eggs by the collection machine minimizes breakage and damage during the collection process. As a result, the eggs reach the storage facility in pristine condition, enhancing overall egg quality and reducing waste.
  • Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment in an automatic egg collection system may be higher, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Labor savings, improved productivity, and reduced egg wastage all contribute to cost-efficiency over time, ultimately leading to a more profitable poultry operation.
  • Hygienic Environment: By eliminating the need for workers to enter the chicken house during egg collection, automatic systems help maintain a germ-free environment. This reduces the risk of introducing pathogens and ensures a healthier living space for the flock.
automatic egg collection

Poultry Farmers' Real Feedback

  1. Maria from Kenya Maria, a poultry farmer from Kenya, exclaims, "The system has been a game-changer for our farm! Before, collecting eggs was a tedious task that required hours of labor. Now, with the automatic system, we save so much time and effort." Her farm has seen a significant increase in egg productivity since adopting the system, allowing her to meet the growing demand for eggs in the local market.
  2. Rahul from India Rahul, a poultry farmer from India, enthusiastically shares his feedback on Livi's poultry equipment. "The automatic system has been a game-changer in reducing our labor expenses," says Rahul. "We used to have a team of workers dedicated to egg collection, but now, with the system in place, we only need a fraction of that workforce." Rahul is also impressed with the system's durability and easy maintenance.
  3. Siti from Indonesia Siti, a poultry farmer from Indonesia, shares her experience with the automatic egg collection system and how it has improved the overall well-being of her flock. "The system has brought peace of mind to our farm," says Siti. "Before, workers entering the chicken house for egg collection would sometimes cause stress to the hens, affecting their egg-laying behavior. Now, with the automatic system, there's minimal disturbance to the flock during egg collection." Siti also emphasizes the system's contribution to farm hygiene.

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