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LIVI Poultry Farm Equipment Boosts the Rise of the Russian Poultry Industry

LIVI is a professional poultry equipment supplier from China. It has been established for 30 years. From the establishment of LIVI to the present, we have always paid attention to the poultry farming industry in Russia and provided LIVI poultry farm equipment for Russian chicken farmers. During these 30 years, we have done a lot of work in the Russian market. Just last month, our account manager visited Russia again.

Part 1. LIVI Poultry Farm Equipment on the Russian Exhibition

Last month, the poultry industry witnessed an extraordinary event at the All-Russia Exhibition and Convention Center in Moscow, Russia - MVC Russia 2023, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and poultry farmers from all over the country. This grand showcase of cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the poultry industry left attendees inspired and excited about the future of poultry farming in Russia.

As a leading poultry equipment supplier in China, we also participated in this exhibition.

LIVI Poultry Farm Equipment in Russian

Exhibition area: 12 square meters. Booth number: A110.

We showcased the latest LIVI poultry farm equipment innovations at the exhibition, showing how they can transform poultry farms and increase productivity. From automatic feeding systems to advanced climate control solutions, we highlight the advantages and efficiency gains our equipment offers. Demonstrating our innovative solutions at this event helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors and strengthens our position as an industry leader.

LIVI Poultry Farm Equipment in Russian
LIVI Poultry Farm Equipment in Russian

At this exhibition, we had the opportunity to get in touch with poultry farmers up close. We discuss with them their specific needs and challenges. This face-to-face interaction allows us to better understand their needs and tailor our solutions accordingly. In addition, we connect with potential customers, introduce them to our products and explain how our equipment can revolutionize their poultry farming business.

With well-designed booths, informative displays and engaging presentations, we grab attendees' attention and leave a lasting impression. This exhibition not only allows us to display our products, but also allows us to better understand customer needs, laying the foundation for providing products that better meet customer needs in the future.

Part2. Participate in the China-Russia Round Table Conference

The purpose of our participation in this conference is mainly to gain an in-depth understanding of the development trends and challenges of the Russian poultry industry, and to grasp the latest market information and cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, I hope to seek more cooperation opportunities, establish contacts with other important players in the industry, and expand business networks.

At the meeting, we demonstrated our professional knowledge and experience in poultry farming, actively participated in the discussions and exchanges in the meeting, and put forward constructive views and questions. At the same time, we demonstrated the application and advantages of LIVI poultry farm equipment in the whole process of poultry farming. Shared our success stories in improving the efficiency and quality of poultry farming to the participants.

poultry equipment supplier

At the meeting, Lu Yang, our account manager, was the only Chinese representative who introduced the company and business in Russian.

By participating in this Russian poultry industry roundtable, we not only gained valuable market insights and industry trends, but also established contacts with many important people in the industry. This will provide a broader cooperation space and opportunities for our future development.

Part3. visiting local chicken farmers in Russia

During this visit to Russia, our account manager also went to a local chicken farm in Russia to conduct a wonderful visit to chicken farmers. This visit was not only an unforgettable experience, but also a starting point for our company to work closely with local chicken farmers. The following is the situation, experience and harvest of this visit.

poultry equipment supplier in Russian
LIVI poultry equipment supplier in Russian

During the visit, our account manager had an in-depth understanding of the chicken farms, chicken houses, and chicken raising equipment of local chicken farmers. Through exchanges with chicken farmers, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the Russian poultry industry.

Our account manager introduced our company's professional knowledge and advanced technology in poultry farming to the customer in detail, especially emphasizing the advantages and benefits brought by LIVI poultry farm equipment. By presenting our products and solutions, we build a relationship of trust with chicken farmers.

This visit not only allowed us to better understand the needs of local chicken farmers, but also provided us with an opportunity to understand market dynamics and track industry trends. At the same time, we also learned some unique insights about the Russian poultry industry, which will positively boost our future business development in the region.

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