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Project of 10,000 Broiler Flat Raising System in Tajikistan

Recently, we received feedback from a customer in Tajikistan: the 10,000 broiler flat raising system he purchased from us has been put into use and is running very well, greatly improving the work efficiency of the chicken farm. He also shared with us the photos and videos of the current chicken farm.

Videos of the 10,000 Broiler Flat Raising System in Tajikistan

This client cooperated with him at the beginning of this year. The client is from Tajikistan and runs a chicken farm by himself. At the beginning of the year, his chicken farm had only 3,000 broilers. He hopes to increase the breeding volume of chicken farms and improve the automation of chicken farms, thereby increasing the income of chicken farms. Considering the specific situation of the chicken farm and the customer's own financial problems, the customer decided to still adopt the method of flat farming. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, the customer has been looking for a suitable flat rearing system for broilers.

Ordering Process of the 10,000 Broiler Flat Raising System

The cooperation process between us is very pleasant and smooth. Below is an overview of the ordering process for customers.

1. Preliminary consultation. After we received the email sent by the customer from the website, we had an in-depth discussion with the customer to understand his specific requirements and goals for his broiler farm, including the specific situation of the customer's chicken house.

2. Customized solution. Our account manager designed a comprehensive solution for raising 10,000 broiler chickens based on the customer's needs and his farm size, layout and operation preferences. These include 3 automatic feeding lines, 4 automatic drinking water lines and an environmental control system.

3. Quotation and agreement. We submitted a detailed agreement to the customer, including equipment specifications, quotation, delivery schedule and after-sales support. After careful consideration, the client decided to cooperate with us, and the two parties signed a formal agreement.

4. Equipment manufacturing and quality control. Our factory enters the manufacturing process to ensure that the quality standards and specifications stipulated in the agreement are strictly followed. We carry out strict quality control checks at every stage to guarantee the delivery of top-notch equipment.

5. Transport and installation: Once the equipment is ready, we arrange for its safe transport to Tajikistan. Our experienced technicians travel to the customer's farm to oversee the installation process, ensuring proper setup and use.

Broiler Flat Raising System

Advantages of Our Broiler Flat Raising System

Firstly, the automatic feeding lines ensure a consistent and efficient feeding process for the broiler chickens. This not only saves time and effort but also helps maintain proper nutrition levels, leading to healthier and faster growth rates.

Secondly, the automatic water supply lines guarantee a continuous and clean water source for the chickens. This prevents water scarcity issues and ensures optimal hydration, contributing to enhanced overall health and well-being of the broilers.

Thirdly, the broiler chicken flat-raising equipment we offer includes an advanced environment control system. This system allows for precise temperature, humidity, and ventilation management, creating an optimal and comfortable environment for the broiler chickens. Maintaining the right conditions promotes better growth, reduces stress, and minimizes the risk of diseases.


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