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Leading Poultry Equipment Supplier in Uzi | 70000 Broiler Chicken Cage Project

LIVI is a leading poultry equipment supplier in China and has many successful transactions in the Uzi market. At the same time, in order to better serve local customers in Uzi, we also established our own office in Uzi in 2018.

Leading Poultry Equipment Supplier in Uzi

The office address is at:Tashkent city, Sergeli district, New Sergeli street,House -130.

Recently, our Uzi office hosted another local chicken farmer. He purchased 70000 broiler cages and related poultry equipment from us, and started equipment installation last month. The following is a detailed introduction about this project.

70000 Broiler Chicken Cage Project in Uzi

At the beginning, we received a message from a customer on the website, the content was: the price of broiler cages in Uzi.

After receiving the customer's email, our account manager quickly contacted the customer. And then, they had an interview in the Uzi office.

70000 Broiler Chicken Cage Project in Uzi

After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer's chicken farm now has two completed chicken houses. The size of the chicken house is 110*12*3.5M (L*W*H). Combined with the customer's needs, preferences and chicken house conditions, we provide customers with multiple sets of broiler chicken cage options and quotations for customers to choose.

After comparison and communication, in order to make full use of the space of the chicken house, the client finally decided to choose this 70,000 broiler chicken cage solution. The scheme list is as follows:

1、Chicken cage: 4 tiers H type broiler cages, 17 birds/door, 136 birds/set, 85 sets/row, 3 rows/house, 255 sets/house, 34680 birds/house

2、Automatic feeding system: 6 sets driving type feeding machines

3、Automatic drinking system: 6 sets automatic drinking machines

4、Automatic manure cleaning system: 6 sets flat belt manure cleaning systems

5、Environmental control system: 34 fans, 12 wet curtains, 176 side windows, 2 set intelligent environmental control cabinet

70000 Broiler Chicken Cage Project Installation Site

We dispatched engineers from Uzi office to the chicken farm to guide the installation for customers. It started last month, and the installation is almost complete now. The following is the photo sent back to us by the Uzi office.

Broiler chicken cages

Poultry drinking system

Broiler feeding equipment in Uzi

Broiler feeding equipment

Environmental control system

Environmental control system

In short

We are a very professional and experienced supplier of poultry equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment designed to optimize poultry farming operations. From advanced feeding systems to state-of-the-art ventilation and temperature control tools, our products ensure optimal bird health and maximize productivity. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. If you are looking for a professional poultry equipment supplier in Uzi, welcome to consult us at any time, or you can visit our office.

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