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20,000-Layer Poultry Farm Project in the Philippines

Project Overview

Last month, our team successfully completed the installation of a 20,000-layer poultry farm project in the picturesque Philippines. We were honored that our valued customer entrusted us with the entire set of layer cages. And we are glad to receive report that his chicken farm is prospering with our meticulously crafted solutions. The chicken house boasts dimensions of 90 meters by 12 meters by 3.5 meters, providing ample space for the A-type battery layer cage with 4 tiers and 5 doors. With a maximum capacity of 20,160 birds per house, this farm exhibits high productivity and flock welfare standards.

Building Process of The Poultry Farm Project

The journey towards building this exceptional poultry farm began with an initial inquiry from our esteemed customer in the Philippines. After carefully understanding their requirements and desired capacity, we proposed a comprehensive, tailored plan.

Our meticulous design process involved customizing a layout with three rows per house, accommodating 42 units of 4-tier A-type layer chicken cages. The well-planned chicken house, spanning 90M x 12M x 3.5M, was designed for a total capacity of 20,160 birds.

Once finishing the design, our team prepared the poultry farm equipment lists. This included 126 sets of A-type layer chicken cage systems, an automatic feeding machine with gantry-type control, a scraper manure removing system, and an automatic egg collecting system for seamless operations. Additionally, we installed a ventilation system with cooling fans, cooling pads, and small side windows, ensuring optimal comfort for the birds.

The construction process was managed meticulously to ensure the highest quality standards were met. Each step, from preparing the site to erecting the chicken houses and installing equipment, was executed with precision and expertise. Regular inspections and quality checks guaranteed the farm's readiness to accommodate the layers, culminating in the successful establishment of a poultry farm that surpassed expectations.

Overcoming Challenges with Ingenious Solutions

The path to creating this thriving layer farm was not without challenges. Environmental considerations, transportation logistics, and power supply were among the obstacles faced by the team.

1. Environmental Challenges: The farm's location presented some environmental challenges, such as high temperatures and humidity. The team countered this by installing an advanced ventilation system, featuring cooling fans, cooling pads, and small side windows. This system provided a climate-controlled environment to keep the layers comfortable.

2. Transportation Logistics: With the farm situated in a rural area, transportation logistics required careful planning. The efficient use of space in the chicken house layout and well-organized storage areas streamlined the transportation process. Additionally, the team collaborated with local transportation services to ensure timely delivery of equipment and materials.

3. Power Supply Issues: Reliable power supply is crucial for the seamless operation of a large-scale poultry farm. To address potential power disruptions, the project integrated an automatic environmental controlling system. This system not only ensured consistent power supply but also optimized energy usage, promoting sustainable practices.

Present Success and Customer Satisfaction

Today, our 20,000-bird Layer poultry farm project stands tall as a testament to successful project management and innovative poultry farming practices. Our customer is delighted with the operational efficiency, improved egg production, and bird welfare that this modern facility provides. With the automation and environmental control systems in place, the farm has experienced increased productivity and reduced labor costs, leading to higher profitability.

The farm's robust design and advanced systems have established it as a model for poultry farmers in the region. As a result, our client's success story has inspired others to invest in modern poultry farming practices, uplifting the entire poultry industry in the Philippines.

In conclusion, our 20,000-bird Layer Farm project showcases the power of meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence. It stands as a testament to our dedication to providing advanced solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, revolutionizing poultry farming and making a positive impact in the industry.

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