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A Success Case of 5000 birds Laying Hen Cages in Zambia

Zambia's poultry industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, driven by an increasing demand for poultry products. In this article, we delve into the success case of a Zambian customer who ordered 5000 birds laying hen cages for their chicken farm.

Project of 5000 birds Laying Hen Cages in Zambia

In 2020, a customer from Zambia purchased our 5000 birds laying hen cages. Recently, we visited a customer and the customer shared with us the video of his chicken farm. At present, his chicken production is running very well and has brought him good income. He is very grateful for the  layer chicken cages we provided him, and he is very positive about the quality of our chicken cages. He also said that he is considering building another chicken house this year, and he wants to continue buying our chicken cages.

The following is the video feedback from the customer chicken farm:

In 2020, around March, we received an inquiry from this customer about laying hen cages in Zambia. At that time, the client had only 1000 laying hens, and he wanted to expand his farm to increase his income. After communicating with the client, the client told us that he already has two completed chicken houses(22*8*3.5M). According to the customer's chicken house and the customer's preference, we recommended a 4-tiers A-type layer cage for him. And we recommended him to put 16 groups of chicken cages in each chicken house, so 2,560 chickens can be raised. The two chicken houses can raise 5,120 chickens in total.

The Project Of 5000 birds Laying Hen Cages in Zambia:

1、Chicken cages: 4 tiers A type layer cages, 4 birds/door, 160 birds/set
2、Chicken house size:22M*8M*3.5M
3、Chicken house layout: 2 rows/chicken house, 8 groups of cages/row, 16 groups of cages/chicken house
4、Breeding capacity: 2560 birds/chicken house, 5120 birds in total

Feedback of 5000 birds Laying Hen Cages in Zambia

By adopting our solution, this Zambian customer achieved significant farming benefits:

1. Expansion of production scale. With the support of breeding equipment such as laying hen cages, the customer's laying hen breeding scale has expanded from 1,000 to 5,000, achieving scale expansion.

2. Improve breeding efficiency. Using laying hen cages to raise chickens makes the management of the chicken house more convenient and greatly improves the breeding efficiency. At the same time, it also effectively improves the egg production rate and survival rate of chickens, and reduces the risk of disease occurrence.

3. Significant economic benefits. The customer's egg production has increased significantly, sales revenue has increased significantly, and considerable economic benefits and return on investment have been achieved.

Laying Hen Cages in Zambia

Customer Feedback: "I really like buying layer cages here, the quality is very good! First of all, these layer cages are made of high-quality materials, which are durable and can protect my layers well. And the design is reasonable, providing a comfortable and safe living environment for laying hens.

In addition, the details of these layer cages are also in place. The interior of the cage is reasonably separated, and each laying hen has enough space to move and rest. It is also equipped with suitable feeders and drinkers to allow laying hens easy access to food and water.

Overall I am very happy with this layer cage and my hens love it too! After purchasing, I noticed that my layers had increased egg production and better egg quality. Thank you again for such a great product, I will continue to recommend it to my friends! "

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