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10000 birds Poultry Farm Equipment Successfully Delivered to Malawi

Recently, we successfully delivered 10000 birds poultry farm equipment to a customer in Malawi. The client is a chicken farmer from Malawi who owns a mature chicken farm. The purpose of his purchase of laying hen cages is to expand the scale of farming and further expand economic benefits.

In the first half of this year, a customer saw our layer cages for sale in Malawi on our website and contacted us actively. He expressed interest and wanted us to send him some videos of layer cages. Our staff contacted the customer within 24 hours and sent him the video the customer wanted to watch. The client is very satisfied with our service, let us help him formulate several suitable solutions for him. After comparison, he ordered chicken cages for 10,000 laying hens from us.

The List of 10000 birds Poultry Farm Equipment:

Cage type: A type layer cages , 4 floors, 5 doors, 160 pieces/set.
Chicken cage layout: 3 rows/house, 21 sets/row, 63 sets/house.
Chicken house size: 50M*12M*3.5M.
Total capacity of a chicken house: 10080 chickens/house.

Here are some pictures of the shipment:

10000 birds Poultry Farm Equipment
poultry equipment in Malawi
poultry equipment suppliers in Malawi

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