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9000 Laying Hen Chicken Cages to South Africa Have Been Shipped

On August 9, we successfully loaded 56 sets of laying hen chicken cages to South Africa. This is a 9000 laying hen chicken cages project in South Africa. If you are interested in this project, then please continue reading below. We will give you a detailed introduction to the customer situation of this South African laying hen cage project, the ordering process and customer's feedback during the project.

1. Customer Situation of the South African Layer Cage Project

The customer originally had a chicken house with 3000 laying hens. Since last year, he has been thinking about expanding the scale of chicken farming, so as to increase his income. This year, he just rented a suitable piece of land, so he started preparations for a new chicken house. To build a new chicken house and purchase a batch of new chicken cage equipment at the same time.

2. Ordering Process of the 9000 Laying Hen Chicken Cages to South Africa

In April this year, he started looking for suitable poultry equipment suppliers online. One day, he found our website and saw our layer cages for sale in South Africa on our website. He left us a message from our website about the chicken cages he wants.
Our account manager contacted the customer on the second day and learned about his current needs for expanding the scale of chicken farming, and his land area is 65*8M. The customer indicated that he would like to buy 3-tiers A-type layer cages, each of which can hold 96 layer hens. Our customer manager calculated according to the customer's land. There are about 56 groups of such chicken cages in this chicken house. That is to say, if a 3-tiers A-type layer cage is used, a total of 5,376 layer hens can be raised in this chicken house. At the same time, our account manager recommended 4-tiers A-type layer cages to the customer. Each group of this type of layer cages can accommodate 160 layers, and the whole chicken house can also hold 56 groups of chicken cages. In this way, the whole chicken house can raise 8960 laying hens.

Laying Hen Chicken Cages to South Africa

Comparing the two chicken cages, it is found that the use of 4 tiers layer cages can increase the breeding capacity of 3584 layer hens, which increases the breeding capacity by half. And because they all use A-type laying hen cages, just the number of tiers of the chicken cage is increased by one tier, so the price of the chicken cage itself is not much different. After comparison and consideration, the customer finally decided to use the second solution recommended by us. And he purchased 56 sets of 4-tiers A-type layer cages. At the same time, it is also equipped with a gantry type automatic feeding machine and a scraper type manure cleaning machine.
The following is the delivery photo of this 9000 layer hen chicken cages project:

Laying Hen Chicken Cages to South Africa

3. Customer's Feedback during the Project

Throughout the process of providing services to our customers, customers have expressed great satisfaction with our services. After delivery, the customer called our account manager to express his thanks. He said: You are so professional, thank you for your professional service. I didn't expect it to be shipped so soon. I am very much looking forward to receiving my chicken cage equipment, and I will recommend you to my friends.

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