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128 birds A Type Layer Poultry Cages for sale in Mozambique

In Mozambique, 128 birds A-type layer poultry cages is very popular between chicken farmers,which can provide a comfortable production environment for the poultry farming industry. These advanced layer cages not only increase the egg production rate of the chickens, but also effectively manage the feeding process. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of these 128 birds A-type layer poultry cages for sale in Mozambique and tell you why this is the perfect choice for your chicken business.

Background on poultry farming in Mozambique

Poultry farming in Mozambique is an important agricultural activity that contributes to the country's food security and economic development. The industry primarily focuses on the production of chickens for meat and eggs.

Here are some key points about poultry farming in Mozambique:

1. Importance: Poultry farming plays a crucial role in addressing malnutrition and providing a source of protein for the population. It is also a significant source of income for small-scale farmers and a potential avenue for job creation.

2. Market demand: The demand for poultry products, including chicken meat and eggs, has been steadily increasing in Mozambique due to population growth, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences.

3. Production system: Poultry farming in Mozambique is mostly characterized by small-scale, backyard production units. However, there are also larger commercial farms that contribute to the overall production.

A Type Layer Poultry Cages in Mozambique

4. Challenges: Poultry farmers in Mozambique face various challenges, including limited access to quality inputs (such as feed and chicks), inadequate infrastructure, disease outbreaks, lack of technical knowledge and skills, and limited access to markets.

5. Government support: The Mozambican government recognizes the importance of poultry farming and has implemented various initiatives to support the sector. These include providing training and extension services, promoting access to finance, improving infrastructure, and implementing disease control programs.

6. Disease management: Poultry diseases, such as Newcastle disease and avian influenza, pose a significant threat to the industry. The government, in collaboration with international organizations, has been working on disease control and prevention strategies to minimize the impact on poultry production.

7. Export potential: Mozambique has the potential to become a regional exporter of poultry products, especially to neighboring countries. However, the industry needs to overcome challenges related to production efficiency, quality control, and compliance with international standards.

Overall, poultry farming in Mozambique presents opportunities for small-scale farmers to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the country's food security. This industry has the potential to grow fastly.

128 birds A Type Layer Poultry Cages for sale in Mozambique

128 A-type layer poultry cages are the most popular type of chicken cages for chicken farmers. Refers to A-type layer poultry cages, with 4 floors and 4 doors, with 4 chickens per door. The size of the layer poultry cage is 1950*350*380mm, and the chicken group has enough room for movement, and each chicken has about 455cm2 of space for movement. The layer cages are all made of hot-dip galvanized wire, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the service life can be as long as 20 years. In addition, the surface of our 128 A-type layer poultry cages is smooth, which can better protect the chickens from harm, and at the same time, the eggs are not easy to be punctured by the layer cages. While increasing the egg production rate, it can also better reduce the egg breaking rate.

TypeTiersDoorsBirds/doorBirds/setSize/birdCage Size
A Type444128450cm21950*350*380mm
Size of 128 birds A Type Layer Poultry Cages
A Type Layer Poultry Cages in Mozambique

Price of 128 birds A Type Layer Poultry Cages in Mozambique

There are many factors influencing the price of layer cages:

1. Material Quality: The type of material used in manufacturing layer cages significantly impacts their price. High-quality materials such as galvanized steel are more durable and long-lasting, but they come at a higher cost compared to lower-grade materials.

2. Cage Size and Design: The size and design of the layer cages can also influence their price. Larger cages with more features and accessories, such as automatic feeders and waterers, tend to be more expensive. Additionally, cages with innovative designs that prioritize hen comfort and welfare may come at a premium.

3. Manufacturer Reputation: Established manufacturers with a strong reputation for producing reliable and durable layer cages often charge higher prices. However, their cages are more likely to be of superior quality, providing long-term value for your investment.


As a poultry farmer, understanding the factors that contribute to the price of layer cages is crucial for making informed decisions. By considering the material quality, cage size and design, and manufacturer reputation, you can choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for your poultry business. Remember, investing in high-quality layer cages is essential for the well-being and productivity of your laying hens.

Regarding the price of our 128 birds A-type layer poultry cages for sale in Mozambique, we can promise you the best factory price. We have our own factory. Compared with simple trading companies, we can not only guarantee the quality of products for you, but also provide you with factory prices directly. Our chicken cages are all made of hot-dip galvanized wire, and after 30 years of industry accumulation and innovation, our chicken cages are scientifically designed. As a leading supplier of poultry equipment in China, LIVI Machinery has provided services to customers in more than 80 countries around the world. Please believe that we can provide you with the best service experience.

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