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20000 birds H-Type Layer Cages Project are Installing in Burkina Faso

Recently, our account manager visited a client in Burkina Faso. The 20000 birds H-type layer cages project he ordered from us is being installed. The customer was very satisfied with our products and took a photo with our account manager.

20000 birds H-Type Layer Cages Project background

This is actually an investment project. The client is a business person who has been wanting to invest in a new project since last year. Due to the great market demand for poultry products and the high investment-output ratio, he finally decided to invest in a poultry farming project.
After confirming the investment in poultry farming projects, he began to browse information about poultry farming on the Internet. At the same time, he also started looking for poultry farming equipment for sale in Burkina Faso.
One day, he was very interested after seeing the poultry farming project services we provide on the Internet. He found that we can not only provide poultry farming equipment, but also provide chicken house construction scheme design. So he took the initiative to contact us. Thus, the project of 20,000 laying hen cages began.

20000 birds H-Type Layer Cages Project

20000 birds H-Type Layer Cages Project in Burkina Faso

Our account manager got in touch with the client quickly. According to the customer's description: He has a piece of land with a length of 80 meters and a width of 8 meters, and he wants to establish a laying hen breeding project on this land. His chicken shed has not yet started construction. He wants us to help calculate how many laying hens can be raised on this land. At the same time, he also wanted us to help him design a chicken house construction plan.
After calculation, our account manager provides the best solution for the client. In order to make full use of the space of the chicken shed, we suggest that the size of the customer's chicken coop be 80*7*4M. At the same time, it is recommended that customers choose 5-tiers H-type laying hen cages, which can raise 180 laying hens per group. According to the current chicken house space calculation, the chicken house can accommodate a total of 112 groups of chicken cages. The total breeding capacity of the chicken cage can reach 20160 laying hens.
Here is a detailed list of 20000 birds H-type layer cages project :

1. 5 tiers H-Type layer cages: 180 birds / set, 112 sets in total.
2. Automatic feeding machine: 2 set, Driving-type, 1 set / rows.
3. Flet manure removing system: 2 sets, 1 set / rows.
4. Automatic egg collecting system: 2 sets in total, 1 set/row.
5. Ventilation system: 1 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and samll side windows.
6. Automatic environmental controlling system: 1 set.

20000 birds H-type layer cages project

20000 birds H-Type Layer Cages Project feedback

A few days ago, our account manager just visited them to see the situation of the 20000 birds H-type layer cages project in Burkina Faso. The poultry equipment they ordered from us is being installed and almost finished. According to our advice, their chicken shed have also been built ahead of schedule. And leave a place for installing water curtains and other ventilation facilities on the wall in advance.

Customers say they are very satisfied with our services. They said: Your service is too professional. The chicken house design and equipment layout are very scientific. Other than that, the quality of your equipment is simply fantastic. It can be seen that the material is very thick, I believe it can be used for a long time. They are also very easy to install, and the entire installation process was very smooth. In addition, your service is also great, I will recommend you to my friends.

5-tiers H-type laying hen cages

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