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How Much is the Cost of Raising 10000 Laying Hens in Nigeria

The cost of raising 10000 laying hens in Nigeria generally includes the cost of chicken house construction, chicken cages equipment cost, chicken chick cost, feed cost and labor cost. In this article, we will introduce the cost of these projects in detail for you. If you are interested, please read on.

Cost of 10000 Laying Hens Chicken House Construction

The cost of chicken house construction depends largely on the choice of building materials, design and size. For example, metal structures and concrete buildings tend to be more expensive than wood structures. At the same time, metal structures and concrete chicken houses are also more durable than wooden chicken houses. If you want to build a solid chicken house , you can consider using a steel chicken house. This type of house is strong and durable, yet easy to build. In addition, the size of a chicken house for 10,000 chickens is generally about 500 square meters, and you can calculate the cost of building the chicken house based on this. If you need chicken house steel structure, you can contact us. We can provide you with factory price. The following is the steel structure chicken house of one of our customers in Mauritius, and his chicken house is under construction.

Cost of 10000 Laying Hens Chicken Cages Equipment

The second is the cost of 10000 laying hens chicken cages equipment. At present, the capacity of chicken cages on the market is 90 per group, 120 per group, 160 per group and so on. The size of the chicken cages is different, and the number of chicken cages required to raise 10,000 laying hens will also be different. Their prices will also vary. We offer various types of layer cages, below is our size chart. You can also leave us a message with your target farming volume, and we will provide you with a free quotation within 24 hours.

a type layer cage specification
H type layer cage specification (2)

Cost of 10000 Chicken Chick

The cost that needs to be paid before raising chickens includes the cost of chicks. It's great if you have a good chick supplier, but it's okay if you don't. We have a lot of chicken customers in Nigeria, including many brooding chicken farms. If you choose to buy our chicken cages, we can help you find the chicks with high quality and reasonable price.

Feed Cost of Raising 10000 Laying Hens in Nigeria

Feed costs for raising 10,000 layer hens in Nigeria can vary depending on a number of factors including feed type, market price and production cycle. However, to give you a rough estimate, let's consider some average numbers.
On average, layer hens require approximately 110-130 grams of feed per day to maintain optimal health and egg production. Assuming an average feed consumption of 120 g per chicken per day, the total feed requirement for 10,000 laying hens is 1200 kg/day.
Obviously, the feed cost of raising 10,000 laying hens is still relatively high. Therefore, using layer cages is a good way to save feed. First of all, the activity of the hen in the chicken cage is small, and the feed conversion rate is high. Secondly, the setting of the trough on the chicken cage can also reduce the waste of feed as much as possible.

Labor Cost of Raising 10000 Laying Hens in Nigeria

Labor is relatively not a particularly high cost in Nigeria. But if you can reduce manual use as much as possible, it is also a good choice. On the one hand, it can reduce labor costs, and on the other hand, it can reduce the number of people entering and leaving the chicken coop. The more people in and out of the coop, the more bacteria will be brought into the coop. This can cause a lot of chickens to get sick. In order to reduce the use of labor, we recommend that the chicken house adopt automatic poultry farming equipment. Including automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, etc.

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