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Advantages of Broiler Floor Raising System in Chicken Farming

In the chicken farming industry, the choice of a suitable raising system is crucial for the welfare and productivity of broiler chickens. One popular option is the broiler floor raising system, where chickens are raised on the floor rather than in cages or other confined spaces. In this article, we will explore the advantages of the broiler floor raising system in chicken farming.

1. Improved Animal Welfare

One of the primary reasons for choosing the broiler floor raising system is the enhanced animal welfare it offers. By allowing chickens to move freely and exhibit natural behaviors, such as walking, running, perching, and stretching their wings, this system promotes healthier development and reduces stress levels. The ability to engage in natural behaviors also reduces the risk of skeletal disorders and improves bone strength and muscle development in broilers.

broiler floor raising system

2. Health and Disease Management

Floor level raising provides a better environment for disease management and reduces flock mortality. Without the confinement of cages, chickens have reduced contact with feces, minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination. The increased space and improved ventilation in floor level systems create a healthier environment, minimizing the spread of diseases and reducing the need for antibiotics. This benefits both the welfare of the chickens and the overall sustainability of the farming operation.

3. Enhanced Growth and Productivity

Broilers raised on the floor often exhibit better growth rates and improved feed conversion efficiency. The ability to move freely and engage in natural behaviors results in stronger, healthier birds, which translates into higher meat quality and increased productivity for farmers. The reduced stress levels associated with floor level raising contribute to improved overall performance, leading to better economic returns.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

The broiler floor raising system offers greater flexibility and adaptability in terms of flock management. Farmers can adjust the flock density according to the specific needs of the birds, ensuring optimal space utilization and minimizing competition for resources. This system also allows for easy access to the birds, facilitating health checks, vaccinations, and individual bird monitoring.

broiler floor raising system

5. Consumer Preference

As consumer awareness about animal welfare and sustainable farming practices increases, there is a growing demand for poultry products produced in more humane and environmentally friendly ways. By adopting the broiler floor raising system, farmers can meet these expectations, satisfying the evolving preferences of their customers. This can lead to increased market opportunities and a stronger reputation for the farm.

6. Regulatory Compliance

In some regions, there are regulations or guidelines in place that restrict or prohibit the use of certain raising systems, such as cages. The broiler floor raising system is often compliant with these regulations, making it a suitable choice for farmers who need to adhere to specific standards.


The broiler floor raising system offers significant advantages in terms of animal welfare, disease management, growth and productivity, flexibility, consumer preference, and regulatory compliance. It provides a more natural and spacious environment for broilers, promoting their overall well-being and ensuring the production of high-quality poultry products. While each farming operation is unique, the broiler floor raising system is a popular choice for farmers who prioritize animal welfare, sustainability, and meeting consumer demands.

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