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Project of 60000 birds egg laying cage for sale in Nigeria

The poultry industry in Nigeria is growing significantly with increasing demand for eggs and poultry products. In order to obtain considerable income through poultry farming, one of our clients established a project of 60000 birds egg laying cage in Nigeria. He just ordered 60000 birds egg laying cages from us. This article will describe in detail how the project was established.

Background of the 60000 birds egg laying cage project

First of all, this client is the owner of a large chicken farm with more than 200,000 laying hens. He wants to expand the chicken farm to reach a breeding capacity of 300,000. Currently he has two newly built chicken houses, each with a capacity of about 30000 chickens. Therefore, he planned the project of 60,000 laying hen cages.

Establishment process of the 60000 birds egg laying cage project

At the beginning of this year, he looked for a suitable layer cage equipment supplier on the Internet. He contacted us after seeing our layer cages for sale in Nigeria. And told our account manager about his project of 60000 birds egg laying cage in Nigeria. Our account managers assess the farm's specific requirements and goals, such as bird capacity, space available and production goals. Based on these factors, our account managers provide customers with customized solutions, including the design and installation of layer cages, feeding systems, egg collection systems, ventilation and waste management systems.

60000 birds egg laying cage project

Throughout the establishment of the project, the client also encountered some problems. include

  1. Where is your location and how to transport
  2. Can the size of your chicken cage be customized?
  3. Can you provide installation service
  4. Are you your own factory?

Our answer

  1. We are located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
  2. Yes. We can provide customized services according to your needs
  3. Generally, we will provide installation videos to help you install. But if you need, we can also arrange workers to install on-site. But you need to pay the wages of the workers and the round trip fee.
  4. We have our own factory, if you are interested, welcome to visit our factory.

In the end, customers are very satisfied with our product quality, project solutions, services, etc. And confirmed the order with us yesterday.

Our egg laying cage for sale in Nigeria

Our egg laying cage for sale in Nigeria are hot-dip galvanized, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust. This gives our layer cages exceptional durability to withstand the test of time and the environment. At the same time, whether it is outdoor or indoor breeding, our layer cages can adapt to various climate and environmental conditions. Whether it is rainy, sunny or cold, layer cages can provide stable protection and ensure the healthy growth of chicken flocks. Even in the state of long-term high temperature, it can be used normally for 20 years.

60000 birds egg laying cage project

About us

We are LIVI Machinery, a professional poultry equipment manufacturer. With its expertise, experience and commitment to excellence, LIVI provides innovative and high quality equipment that meets the specific needs of the Nigerian poultry industry. Our product range includes layer cages, automatic feeding systems, ventilation solutions and waste management systems, to name a few. All are designed to optimize efficiency and productivity.

LIVI's reputation as a reliable and trusted poultry equipment manufacturer stems from their focus on quality, durability and customer satisfaction. They use high-quality materials and employ strict quality control measures to ensure their equipment can withstand the rigors of poultry farms in Nigeria. In addition, their team of knowledgeable professionals provide farmers with expert advice, technical support and guidance, ensuring they receive individual solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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