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Heatstroke Prevention Guide for Chicken Farms in Summer

Every summer, the heatstroke prevention guide for chicken farms receives great attention. How to scientifically prevent heatstroke and what measures to take to reduce the temperature of the chicken coop are particularly necessary. LIVI Machinery warmly reminds you to take heatstroke prevention measures and escort you!

Perfect cooling facilities

It is necessary to ensure the normal and safe electricity consumption of the heatstroke prevention guide for chicken farms in summer, the normal use of water curtains, and the normal ventilation of fans. When the temperature exceeds 30°C, vertical ventilation should be adopted, and wet curtains or spray cooling methods should be used.
Wet curtains are installed at the vents of the chicken house, and the air cooled by the wet curtains flows longitudinally through the chicken house to discharge metabolic waste heat, so as to cool down in time in high temperature seasons, relieve high temperature and high humidity, reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the house, and avoid unfavorable factors. Irritation to mucous membrane of respiratory tract. The manure belt has the property of thermal expansion. If the manure cleaning belt is too loose, it must be tightened to prevent it from being rolled in and damaging the manure cleaning belt.
Regularly check the power facilities and equipment: check whether the cable lines, electrical switches, motors, etc. are normal, and prepare spare components; start the generator regularly, check whether the battery has power, whether it is running normally, and whether the voltage and current are output normally.
Regularly check whether the high temperature alarm, power failure alarm, phase loss alarm, etc. are working normally, but do not rely too much on the alarm, and check in the shed regularly.

Heatstroke Prevention Guide for Chicken Farms in Summer

Drink plenty of cool water

Because chickens do not have sweat glands, they must take away heat through excretion and breathing. The heat in summer causes chickens to open their mouths to breathe, the breathing frequency increases, and the water evaporates faster. Cool palatability.
Most of the current farms have a relatively high degree of scale, but in summer, they must go to the house to watch carefully to see if there is any water line blockage to avoid chicken casualties due to water shortage. Drinking water can be appropriately added with VC or heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs to increase the body's ability to resist heat stress.

Adjust feeding time and nutrient concentration

In the high temperature season, adjust the feeding time appropriately. It is best to avoid the high temperature period of the day and choose to feed during the relatively low temperature period, such as feeding in the early morning and late in the afternoon, and avoid feeding during the high temperature period. , reduce body heat.
At the same time, due to the low feed intake of chickens, the nutrient concentration of the feed can be adjusted according to the feed intake, the amount of energy feed in the feed can be appropriately reduced, and oil can be added appropriately according to the adjustment ratio to increase the energy intake and utilization rate. Appropriately increase the protein level, ensure the balance of amino acids, and meet the needs of chickens for protein, so as not to affect the egg production rate due to protein deficiency caused by reduced feed intake. At the same time, pay attention to the supplement of calcium in the feed to reduce the occurrence of paralyzed chickens and damaged eggs. In short, only the nutritional balance of the feed can meet the normal physiological needs of laying hens and the nutritional needs of laying eggs.

Heatstroke Prevention Guide for Chicken Farms in Summer

Disinfection and Hygiene

Due to the high temperature and high humidity in the house, if the environment is not clean, it is easy to cause a large number of pathogenic microorganisms to breed. It is necessary to establish a regular disinfection system, choose less irritating disinfection drugs, reasonable concentrations, and spray disinfection with chickens, which can not only effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms and purify the environment, but also effectively reduce the temperature of the house.
Pay attention to cleaning the water tank and feeding trough every day, clean up the rancid feed and moldy feed in time, reduce the damage of mycotoxins to the intestinal mucosa, and avoid immunosuppression. Clear the manure in time, because the high water content of chicken manure in summer will increase the humidity in the house and affect heat dissipation.

Prevent feed mildew

In high temperature and rainy seasons, the feed storage time should not be too long to reduce feed mildew caused by improper storage. Regular use of quality and reliable mold remover to absorb and decompose mycotoxins to avoid or reduce the damage of mycotoxins to the body.

chicken feeders

Regularly check the health of the chickens

Raising chickens in summer is easy to cause diseases. We should check the health status of chickens regularly to detect and treat diseases in time. When checking the health status of chickens, you should pay attention to observe the mental state, appetite, and excretion of the chickens, and take timely measures if abnormalities are found.
The weather is hot in summer, so we must prevent heatstroke in chickens, because chickens are very sensitive to high temperature, and are most prone to heatstroke caused by heat stress. Only by taking precautions to keep chickens healthy can we ensure the benefits of raising chickens.

Finally, I hope this heatstroke prevention guide for chicken farms will be helpful to you who are raising chickens or will be raising chickens

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