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How to Control the Environment of Open Type Poultry House

Most poultry farms utilize some sort of poultry house for the chickens. Some are totally enclosed, some are curtain sided, and others are of the open type. While enclosed poultry houses require mechanical ventilation all the time, open type poultry houses have the advantage of being able to utilize natural air temperature and air movement for air exchange. However, how to control the environment of open type poultry house.

The environmental conditions in which chickens live are as important as those required by humans. Both ventilation and optimal heating, as well as light and the composition of the air are all essential to ensure that chickens are comfortable and content. If conditions aren’t right, and the chickens aren’t happy, this can have a direct impact on the profitability of the poultry farm.

Temperature Environment of Open Type Poultry House

Temperature is one of the important factors affecting the growth and health of poultry. In winter, we can use heating equipment such as electric heaters or gas heaters to provide a warm environment. In summer, shade nets and spray cooling systems can be used to reduce the indoor temperature. Reasonable ventilation facilities can also effectively control the temperature by adjusting the indoor and outdoor air flow and removing hot air. We must take control of the temperature so that our chicken farms can thrive in the end.

Open Type Poultry House

Humidity Environment of Open Type Poultry House

Humidity is also very important to chicken health and comfort. Excessive humidity can cause dampness inside the poultry house, which is easy to breed bacteria and pathogens, causing the poultry to get sick. Therefore, we can install moisture removal equipment such as ventilation fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess humidity when needed. In addition, keeping the interior of the poultry house clean and dry is also an important measure to control humidity.

Ventilation Environment of Open Type Poultry House

A good ventilation system is the key to keep the air fresh and circulated in the poultry house. Ensure the exchange of indoor and outdoor air by setting the air inlet and outlet reasonably. In addition, properly adjusting the operating speed and angle of the ventilation equipment, as well as being equipped with a filter screen, can effectively filter impurities and harmful substances in the air and improve air quality.

Environment of Open Type Poultry House

Health Environment of Open Type Poultry House

Keeping poultry houses hygienic is fundamental to preventing the spread of disease and maintaining chicken health. Regularly clean up the chicken droppings, residues and garbage inside the poultry house to ensure a clean environment. In addition, disinfect the poultry house with disinfectants to effectively kill potential germs and parasites. At the same time, regular inspection and repair of poultry house facilities to ensure their normal operation is also an important part of maintaining hygiene.

To sum up

To sum up, controlling the environment of open type poultry house requires comprehensive consideration of temperature, humidity, ventilation and sanitation. Through the scientific and reasonable use of relevant poultry equipment and measures, a stable and suitable breeding environment can be created, and the production performance and health level of poultry can be improved. At the same time, regular monitoring of environmental parameters, and adjustments and improvements based on actual conditions are also important means to continuously improve the poultry house environment.

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