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5000 Automatic Broiler Feeding System for sale in Mozambique

We are LIVI Machinery and we have 5000 automatic broiler feeding system for sale in Mozambique. On July 5, 2023, we just shipped an automatic broiler feeding system for 5000 broilers to Mozambique. The following is a detailed introduction to this case, hoping to provide reference for chicken farmers in Mozambique.

5000 automatic broiler feeding system for sale in Mozambique

Customer chicken house size: 50M*10M*2.5M
Breeding capacity: 5000 broilers
Poultry equipment list:
4 rows broiler pan feeding system
4 rows broiler nipple drinking system
A set of environmental control equipment: including water curtains, fans and heating equipment

Below are photos of the delivery site:

5000 automatic broiler feeding system for sale in Mozambique
5000 automatic broiler feeding system for sale in Mozambique
5000 automatic broiler feeding system

Automatic Broiler pan feeding system for sale in Mozambique

Broiler pan feeding system is an advanced feeding equipment widely used in broiler poultry breeding. By using removable feed trays, it provides feed to broilers and ensures that the chickens receive the right amount of feed to promote their growth and development.

The main components of the Broiler pan feeding system include:

Feed tray: The feed tray is usually made of 100% PE plastic, with a diameter of 330mm and 14-16 grids. Every chicken can eat on it. The feed pan rotates or swings to supply feed and distribute it evenly across the entire pan.

Auger system: The feed tray obtains feed from the feed storage through the auger system. Automatically and evenly distributes feed into the feed tray.

Controller: Broiler pan feeding systems are usually equipped with smart controllers to set and adjust the time, frequency and amount of feed delivery. Farmers can make corresponding adjustments based on the needs and growth stages of broilers to maximize the feeding effect.

Cleaning system: In order to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the feed pan, the Broiler pan feeding system is usually equipped with automatic cleaning equipment, which can clean and disinfect the feed pan regularly.

Automatic broiler nipple drinking system for sale in Mozambique

There are many forms of feeding systems for raising poultry according to the needs and traits of the birds, and the nipple drinking system is one of the commonly used methods. This system is mainly suitable for broiler chicken drinking water.

The broiler nipple drinking system consists of 100% PVC water pipes, 360° nipple drinker and water sources. The water pipe transports clean drinking water to the nipple drinker. The nipple drinker simulates the tiny water droplets secreted by the hen when feeding, so that the broiler chickens can absorb water directly from the nipple.

Advantages of broiler nipple drinking systems include:

Provide clean drinking water. The water source in the system is filtered and disinfected to ensure the health and safety of drinking water.
Promote healthy growth. The broiler nipple drinking system can provide the right amount of water to help broilers maintain good physiological status and healthy growth.
Reduce waste and pollution. Compared with traditional drinking water methods, nipple drinking water systems can reduce water waste and pollution and improve water resource utilization efficiency.
It should be noted that the broiler nipple drinking system requires regular cleaning and maintenance during use to ensure that the system operates properly and provides high-quality drinking water.

Automatic broiler feeding system supplier in Mozambique

LIVI is an automated broiler feeding system supplier in Mozambique. LIVI Company focuses on providing advanced broiler feeding solutions to help farmers increase production efficiency and improve poultry feeding management.
LIVI's automated broiler feeding system uses advanced technology and equipment, mainly including automatic drinking system, automatic feeding system, environmental control system, etc. These devices can achieve precise feeding and drinking water control, effectively reducing manual operation workload and errors.
All LIVI equipment has passed ISO and CE certification, with excellent materials and favorable prices. If you are looking for suitable poultry equipment, please feel free to contact us. We can not only provide standardized services, but also provide many customized services, including chicken house design and construction, etc.

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