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USD15000 Poultry Farming Equipment Business in Lesotho

In the agricultural business in Lesotho, we are a specialized supplier of egg breeding cages. Today, we signed a chicken factory project contract worth USD15000 with a Lesotho customer. under. We will introduce this USD15000 poultry farming equipment business in Lesotho to you in detail.

USD15000 poultry farming equipment business in Lesotho

On August 20, we received an email from this customer from Lesotho. He asked in the email about the price of A type laying hen cages. At the same time, he wanted to know more about the details of our laying hen cage. Our account manager immediately contacted the customer and further understood the customer's needs, including the customer's target breeding volume, the customer's chicken house situation, and other automated poultry equipment that the customer wanted to match, etc. Based on the customer's actual situation and customer needs, our account managers provide customers with multiple sets of customized solutions. After comparison and careful consideration, the client paid us for the project this morning. Our factory has now entered the production stage, and the batch of laying hen cage equipment to Lesotho will be shipped soon.

Poultry farming equipment for sale in Lesotho

As Lesotho's leading agricultural equipment supplier, we offer a wide range of poultry equipment including chicken cages, feeding equipment, egg collection equipment, manure cleaning equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, heating equipment, incubators and more. Below are some of the main equipment we supply and their features:

Chicken cages. We provide various types of chicken cages, including laying hen cages, broiler cages, brooding cages and breeder cages. The types are divided into A-type cages and H-type cages. Our chicken cages are all made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized materials. They are structurally stable and durable and can be used for 20 years.

Poultry feeding equipment. We provide automated feeding equipment such as feeders, drinkers, and automatic loading equipment to ensure that the chickens receive adequate feed and water. These devices not only improve efficiency, but also reduce feeding waste and save costs. We have a variety of loading equipment to choose from. No matter what your budget is, we can provide you with suitable loading equipment.

Egg collecting equipment. Our egg collecting equipment can automatically collect eggs, reduce the egg breakage rate and filter out bad eggs and soft eggs. This not only improves the efficiency of collecting eggs, but also ensures the quality of the eggs. Our automatic egg collection equipment can collect 3000-6000 eggs per hour.

Feces cleaning equipment. We provide two types of automatic feces cleaning equipment, one is a scraper type feces cleaning equipment and the other is a flat belt type feces cleaning equipment. Two devices can be chosen according to your needs. Using automatic manure cleaning equipment can ensure that the chicken house is kept clean and sanitary, reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Ventilation and cooling equipment. Our ventilation and cooling equipment includes fans, small windows and wet curtains. The growth of chickens generates heat, and coupled with the hot weather, chickens are prone to illness. By installing appropriate ventilation and cooling equipment in the chicken house, a comfortable growing environment can be provided for the chickens. Of course, if your chicken house is an open type, the house itself will be ventilated enough.

Heating equipment. We provide efficient heating equipment to ensure that the temperature in the chicken house remains warm during the cold season, promoting the growth and egg production of the chickens. Especially for newly born chicks, the growth of chicks requires a warmer environment. Adding a heater to the chicken house can effectively reduce the mortality of chicks.

Incubators. We also offer excellent chick incubators. Our incubators use advanced technology to provide stable temperature and humidity, improving hatching success rates and ensuring healthy chicks hatch.

Supplier of poultry farming equipment business in Lesotho

As Lesotho’s premier poultry equipment supplier, we promise to:

Quality Products: All our equipment undergoes strict quality control to ensure its durability and reliability, providing customers with long-term and stable use.

Customer Service: We have a professional customer service team that is always ready to answer customer questions, solve problems, and provide equipment maintenance and after-sales service.

Technical support: Our team has rich technical experience and can provide customers with professional equipment installation guidance and technical support.

Reasonable Price: We provide high-quality equipment at reasonable prices, ensuring customers receive excellent value for money.

Anyway, hope this USD15000 poultry farming equipment business in Lesotho and this article can be helpful to you.

If you have any needs about poultry equipment, we will be more than happy to provide you with quality products and services. Please feel free to contact us, we will provide service to you within 24 hours!!!

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