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Price of 6400 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Sale in Mozambique

In the dynamic poultry industry, finding the right equipment for your business is crucial. One such essential equipment is layer chicken cages, which provide a safe and efficient environment for raising laying hens. In Mozambique, the demand for quality layer chicken cages has been on the rise. In this article, we will introduce a 6400 birds layer chicken cages project in Mozambique to provide a reference for you who are looking for layer chicken cages for sale in Mozambique.

Project of 6400 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Sale in Mozambique

About this Mozambique 6400 laying hen cage project. The customer purchased our chicken cages in March this year and it has been fully installed and put into use. Below are pictures of the chicken houses sent to us by the customer and an introduction to the plan the customer ordered.

Price of 6400 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Sale in Mozambique

When it comes to the price of 6400 birds layer chicken cages in Mozambique, it is important to understand the various factors that influence the cost. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Chicken breeding volume: The price of chicken cages mainly depends on the breeding volume of the chicken farm. The larger the breeding volume, the more chicken cages are needed, and the higher the total price. Under normal circumstances, the price of chicken cages for raising 5000 layers is about US$6000. The price of chicken cages to raise 10000 layers is approximately US$12000. If you want to know more specific quotation, please feel free to contact us at any time. We promise to provide a free quote within 24 hours

2. Quality and Durability: The quality and durability of the materials used in constructing the layer chicken cages play a significant role in determining their price. High-quality and long-lasting cages may have a higher initial cost, but they provide better value in the long run by reducing maintenance and replacement expenses.

3. Size and Configuration: The size and configuration of the layer chicken cages can affect their price. Larger cages with more compartments may be more expensive compared to smaller ones. Additionally, cages with additional features like automatic feeding and cleaning systems may also impact the price.

4. Additional Services: Some suppliers offer additional services such as installation, training, and after-sales support. These services, although they may increase the overall cost, can be valuable for customers who require assistance in setting up and maintaining the layer chicken cages.

Supplier of Layer Chicken Cages for Sale in Mozambique

In conclusion, the price of 6400 birds layer chicken cages in Mozambique is influenced by factors such as chicken breeding volume, quality, size, and additional services offered.We are LIVI poultry equipment supplier. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide complete system products for poultry farms, including automatic battery cages for layer, broiler, and pullet chickens. Additionally, we also offer customers turnkey solutions that consist of design (for land and chicken houses), production (for equipment and prefab steel structure houses), installation, commissioning, customer operational training, and after-sales service.

To inquire about the price of 6400 birds layer chicken cages or to learn more about our products and services, please leave us a message or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you create a successful and efficient poultry operation in Mozambique.

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