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Wholesale Chicken Cages Poultry Farm Cage Price in Togo

Are you looking for wholesale chicken cages in Togo? Do you want to know the wholesale poultry farm cage price in Togo?

A chicken farmer from Togo wholesaled 15000 chicken cages from us!The following is a detailed introduction.

15000 Chicken Cages Poultry Farm Cage Project in Togo

October 11, 2023,10000 Layer Poultry Cages + 5000 Broiler Chicken Cages Shipped to Togo

The chicken farmer comes from Togo in West Africa. Before deciding to expand the chicken farm, he had a small chicken farm with 2000 laying hens and 500 broiler chickens. In order to improve the efficiency of poultry breeding and increase profits, he decided to purchase a new batch of poultry breeding equipment.
According to the chicken farmer's chicken house situation and breeding needs, we provide he with a number of different poultry breeding plans. The customer finally chose the solution of 10000 layers + 5000 broiler chickens.

We are LIVI poultry equipment supplier and have been providing wholesale chicken cages poultry farm cage price in Togo for 30 years. Since each chicken farmer needs different poultry equipment, if you want to know accurate chicken cage prices, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide free solution design and quotation within 24 hours.

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