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50000 Birds Automatic Broiler Chicken Cages for Sale Philippines

Do you want to upgrade your broiler chicken farming operation in Philippines? Look at here! LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier are proud to offer top-of-the-line automatic broiler chicken cages for sale Philippines designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your poultry business

Automatic Broiler Chicken Cages for Sale Philippines

Superior Quality and Design
Our automatic broiler chicken cages for sale in Philippines are engineered with precision and built to last. The cages are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity even in the demanding conditions of a poultry farm. The design maximizes space utilization, providing a comfortable and healthy environment for your broiler chickens to thrive.

Enhanced Automation
With our automatic broiler cage system for sale Philippines, you can streamline your daily operations and reduce manual labor. The systems are equipped with automated feeding, watering, and waste removal mechanisms, allowing for efficient management of your flock with minimal effort. This automation not only saves time but also ensures consistent and optimal care for your broiler chickens.

50000 Birds Automatic Broiler Chicken Cages Case in Philippines

Here is a successful case of our 50000 birds automatic broiler chicken cages case installation in Philippines. This project has significantly improved the overall productivity and profitability of the farm.

This chicken farmer from Philippines purchased the chicken cages to expand his farm. His chicken farm wants to increase its breeding capacity by 50000 broilers. In order to improve the production efficiency and standardization of chicken farms, he decided to use a complete set of automated broiler cage system in Philippines. Below is the list of poultry equipments:
368 sets of 4-layer H-type broiler cages
4 sets of automatic feeding equipment
4 sets of automatic manure cleaning equipment
2 sets of cooling and ventilation equipment
2 sets of silos

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