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30000 Chicken Poultry Farm Egg Layer Cages for Sale Philippines

30000 chicken poultry farm egg layer cages for sale Philippines were shipped three days ago.

30000 chicken poultry farm egg layer cages for sale Philippines

The list of poultry equipments to Philippines include:

188 sets of A type layer battery cages;

Water pipes, water trays, drinking nipples and hanging cups in chicken drinking water equipment;

Two set of gantry type chicken feeding machine,

Two sets of flat belt chicken manure cleaning equipment;

Environmental control equipment includes fans, water curtains, small Windows and lighting equipment.

Below are pictures of the delivery site:

Chicken Farmer’s Feedback

This is so exciting! Looking forward to receiving the 30000 chicken egg layer cages I purchased soon. LIVI’s friends are very professional and responsible. I'm very pleased with the poultry equipment solutions they provided. They also showed me every detail and video of the device and the quality was really good. Hopefully my equipment can be put into use soon and bring revenue to my farm.

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