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Modern H Type Layer Cages for Sale in Pakistan for 40000 Birds

Welcome to LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier, your trusted partner in supplying high-quality layer cages for modern poultry farming in Pakistan. In this article, we will discuss layer hen farming in Pakistan, showcase a case of H type layer cages for sale in Pakistan for 40000 birds, and introduce LIVI layer cages manufacturers Pakistan.

Modern Layer Hen Farming in Pakistan

Modern layer hen farming has become an increasingly popular venture in Pakistan due to its profitability and high demand for eggs. With the growing population and changing dietary habits, the demand for eggs has skyrocketed, making it a lucrative business opportunity for poultry farmers.

To maximize the efficiency and productivity of your layer hen farm, investing in modern layer cages is crucial. Modern layer cages provide a controlled environment that ensures the productivity of the hens, resulting in higher egg production and improved profitability.

40000 Birds Modern H Type Layer Cages for Sale in Pakistan

Recently, a Pakistani chicken farmer who purchased 40,000 laying hen cages sent us photos of his farm. He has received the fully automatic modern laying hen cage equipment supplied by us and has installed it. He is very satisfied with the quality of our equipment and the cages will be put into use soon.
Project Details of 40,000 Birds Modern H Type Layer Cages for Sale in Pakistan:
Chicken house size: 120*10*3.6M
Chicken cage specifications: 1200*625*480mm, 4-layer H type, 144 birds capacity
Number of chicken cages: 279 sets
Chicken capacity: 40176
Chicken house layout: 3 rows, 93 sets of chicken cages in each row

Our modern H type layer cages are constructed using high-quality materials and adhere to international standards. The H type design allows for easy access, efficient space utilization, and effective waste management. With features like automated feeding and watering systems, egg collection belts, and effective ventilation, our layer cages ensure the comfort and well-being of your hens, resulting in higher egg production.

LIVI Layer Cages Manufacturers Pakistan

As the leading manufacturer of layer cages in Pakistan, LIVI is committed to providing poultry farmers with top-notch equipment and exceptional customer service. Our cages are designed to meet the specific needs of the local market, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability for your poultry farm.

If you are a poultry farmer in Pakistan looking to optimize your layer hen farming operations, LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier is your go-to partner. Explore our range of 40000 birds H type layer cages for sale and experience the benefits of modern and efficient poultry farming. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and take your poultry farm to new heights of success.
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