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Six Things of Starting Poultry Farming for Beginners Need to Know

If you're a beginner thinking of starting poultry farming, this is a sign to start!
Below are six things you need to know:


It is very important to critically look at the demand that needs to be met.Most start-up farmers go by what a friend or neighbouring farmer is doing and hope to reap the benefits.
Take your time to talk to clients or potential customers and find out their needs. Survey restaurants, eateries, supermarkets and collect as much data as possible.


A poultry farm can be located on any dry land anywhere in the country as it is not dependent on any weather patterns. However, the ideal location would be outskirts of urban centre where there's ready market. Set up your farm where there is access to all weather road, away from riparian land that experience occasional flooding and landslides.

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If you want to keep commercial layers, choose type of breed which is hardy with low mortality rate, fast growth rates, high peak production, long peak period and good persistence (like Bovans brown). If it is for both meat and egg production, look for a breed of high feed conversion efficiency, and of good tasty and tender quality meat (like dual purpose Sasso).


The most popular one now is the fully automatic battery cage system, which includes battery cages, automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collecting equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, etc. It is very important to choose the right poultry equipment. High-quality poultry equipment can be used for a long time, thereby saving the cost of replacing equipment; a highly automated poultry breeding system can achieve scientific and efficient feeding, improve farm production efficiency, and reduce labor costs. cost and time cost.


You will need good rearing conditions that include proper brooding, temperature control, ventilation and humidity as well as clean water and adequate feed supply all the time. Hygiene is crucial to your success; the premises must be highly sanitised within and around the site with limited flock visits to only authorised personnel.

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Anything that cannot be counted cannot be measured. Most farmers ignore the value of good record keeping. Feed being the highest production cost in poultry production, means that it must be weighed to the level of grams fed/bird/day, and weight sampling must be done on weekly basis to establish production efficiency!
In addition to the above, be ready to change your original plans anytime. As a farmer you must adjust and make new decisions when need be.

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