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126 Sets Chicken Cage For Sale In Botswana for 20160 birds Layers

Recently, chicken cage for sale In Botswana for 20160 birds layers was successfully loaded and shipped. The following is a detailed introduction to this poultry breeding project.

This is a 20,000 layer poultry project in Botswana. The person in charge of this project wanted a fully automated battery cage system for raising these laying hens. We recommended a A Type fully automatic laying hen cage system for him, including 126 sets of 4-layer A Type laying hen chicken cage for sale In Botswana (capacity of 160). 1 set of gantry-type feeding equipment, 3 sets of automatic egg collection equipment, 3 sets of flat-belt manure cleaning systems and a fully automatic environment control system.

All equipment must be installed in a closed chicken house. The size of the chicken house is 95*12*3.4M. There are no pillars in the chicken house, so the gantry loading equipment can operate normally. There is also a set of feed bins outside the chicken house, which is used to store three days of feed for the 20,000 chickens in the chicken house.

Below is a picture of the delivery site of 126 sets chicken cage for sale In Botswana

126 Sets Chicken Cage For Sale In Botswana

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