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Where to Buy Cages for Layers and Prices in Zimbabwe

Poultry farming in Zimbabwe plays a crucial role in food security and economic growth. Layer hens are essential for egg production, and proper housing is vital for their health and productivity. Cages provide a controlled environment for layers, ensuring optimal bird welfare and egg yield. This article provides information on where to buy cages for layers and prices in Zimbabwe.

Cage Manufacturer

LIVI Machinery is one of the best manufacturers in Zimbabwe specialize in producing poultry cages.

LIVI Layer Cage Manufacturer

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Henhouse Solutions

LIVI Machinery offer a range of cage designs, sizes, and materials to meet the specific needs of farmers.

Cage Prices

The price of poultry cages varies depending on factors such as cage type, size, material, and manufacturer. Generally, the price range in Zimbabwe is as follows: Layer cages: $160 - $200 per set

160 birds battery cages are the most affordable option, but they provide limited space for movement. Enrichment cages offer more space and amenities for the birds, while aviary cages provide the most freedom of movement.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cages

When selecting cages for layers, farmers should consider several factors:

Number of hens: Determine the required cage capacity based on the flock size.
Cage type: Choose a cage type that meets the welfare requirements and production goals.
Material: Consider the durability, hygiene, and ease of cleaning of the cage material.
Ventilation and lighting: Ensure the cages provide adequate ventilation and lighting for the birds.
Feeding and watering systems: Assess the compatibility of the cages with the available feeding and watering systems.

LIVI Layer Cage For Sale in Zimbabwe

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Purchasing poultry cages is a crucial investment for layer farmers in Zimbabwe. By understanding the available manufacturers, layer cage prices, and factors to consider when buying, farmers can make informed decisions that will support the health and productivity of their flocks. Implementing proper cage management practices, including regular cleaning, monitoring, and veterinary supervision, will further enhance bird welfare and egg production.

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