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LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier

LIVI is a professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier with 30 years experience, has many commercial poultry cages for chickens for sale to the whole world. And now, our chicken cages have been sold to more than 80 countries. In addition to the chickens cages, we also provide automatic poultry farming equipment such as automatic drinking water systems, automatic feeding systems, automatic egg collection systems, automatic manure cleaning systems and environmental control systems. We are committed to providing high quality poultry equipment and services to chicken farmers all over the world.

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Our Company

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified poultry equipment supplier, LIVI possesses sophisticated manufacturing and inspection poultry equipment, provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. The company maintains one of the most stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective Quality Management System, continual improvements, and excellence in customer satisfaction.

chicken cage suppliers
chicken cage supplier

Our Factory

We have our own factory and established the current domestic leading automatic production line. At the same time, a standardized and systematic production and management process has been established, and a new mode of breeding equipment has been opened. Provide customers with supporting services such as site layout, chicken house construction, breeding facility equipment, biosafety system construction, and manure treatment. We can not only provide customers with first-class products, but also provide fast, perfect, meticulous and professional services to solve customers' worries.

chicken equipment manufacturer
poultry equipment factory

Our Team

LIVI poultry equipment supplier has been deeply involved in the industry for 30 years. It is a national high-tech enterprise of poultry farming equipment integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. The company focuses on the manufacture and development of chicken cage equipment, has a first-class research and development team, invests millions of yuan in research and development every year, and constantly develops new products and uses new technologies.

Our team
chicken cage team

What We Supply

battery cage system
Battery Chicken Cages

Layer chicken cages, broiler chicken cagespullet chicken cagesA type battery cages, H type battery cages, battery cage system in poultry

Automatic Poultry equipment

Automatic poultry farming equipment such as automatic drinking water systems, automatic feeding systems, automatic egg collection systems, automatic manure cleaning systems and environmental control systems

chicken egg collecting equipment
Chicken Farm Service

As one of the leading poultry equipment suppliers and manufacturers in China, LIVI has also provided chicken house designs and solutions for many customers from all over the world. 

Our Competitive Advantages

chicken cages
Technical Advantages

• Devoted to poultry farming machinery R&D and manufacture;

• Powerful R&D technical strength;

• Over 20 years of poultry farming machinery industry expertise;

• ISO 9001:2008 certified; 

• Owns proprietary intellectual property rights;

• Possessing sophisticated manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment;

• Possessing advanced technics and production process;

chicken cages
Product Advantages

• Full range of poultry farming machinery products and solutions;

• Supreme Quality system;

 Strict production process

 Standard quality inspection

• Cost-effective;

• Feasibility and integrity of the solutions

• Flexible customization capability

Geographical Advantages

• Located in east-central China with highly developed transportation facilities;

• Located in one of most populas areas in the world;

• It’s easy to reach any big cities in the country within just 2-3 hours by high-speed rail;

• Close to one of the country’s largest international airports with well developed logistic facilities;

• Securing the most economical ocean & railroad freight rates for our customers

Enterprise Advantages

• China’s leading poultry equipment supplier with top reputation and larger market share

• Providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries 

• Providing reliable sales and service

• Production operation and process is certified under ISO9001 quality system 

• Cooperation with hundreds of professional partners to provide world-class products and solutions

Million Turnover
Years Experience
Hours Service

Our Certification


Customers Said

We are from Nigeria. We have purchased 20,000 laying hen cages and other automatic poultry equipment from LIVI. The quality is very good. We will continue to buy from LIVI.                                                                                                 

poultry cages customer in Nigeria

LIVI's chicken cages are very durable, I bought 400 sets of 3 tiers broiler chicken cages from LIVI. It has been used for 5 years now and the quality is still very good.

Andrew Bertrand

I am a chicken farmer from Ghana, and it is the second time I have purchased LIVI chicken cages. Their automatic egg collection equipment is really good, which greatly improves the egg collection efficiency.

10000 layer farm customer in Ghana
Anthony Garner 


1.Q: Chicken cages can be customized?

A: Yes, We have a-type chicken cage and H type chicken cage now, and our all kinds of chicken cages can be customized design according to each client's demands, provide non-standard design of program and process flow chart to you.

2.Q: What kinds of chicken layer cage you can offer?

A: We can produce cage system, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collecting system, automatic manure removing system and automatic environmental control system.

3. Q: what's your payment and currency?

A: We accept different kinds of payment terms:

  1) Accept payment of TT.

  2) Accept L/C

  3) Accept Alibaba credit guarantee payment

  4) Westen Union, Paypal. e-Checking, Visa card, Master card, etc.

B: The currency we accept have USD, RMB, EUR, GBP, AUD.

4. Q: What's the MOQ? How many sets chicken cage for 20 feet container and 40HQ container?

A: Our MOQ is 40 sets, one 20 feet container can loading 80-100 sets, one 40HQ container can loading 160-200 sets chicken layer cages.

5. Q: What information do I need provide?

A: Normally, we need our customer provide below information:   

  1. Which kinds of chicken do you plant to feed? (layer, broiler or pullet)

  2. How many birds? (5000 birds or more?)

  3. Do you need automatic equipment?

  4. Do you have chicken house?(L*W*H)

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