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Egg Grading Machine For Sale

Name : Egg Grading Machine, Egg Grader Machine, Egg Sorting Machine

Capacity : 1000-10000 eggs/hours , or customized

Grades : 4-7 Grades or customized

Material : High Quality Stainless Steel

Function : Accumulator, candling booth, grading and manual packing table.

Voltage 220v single phase / 380v three-phase

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SONCAP, CE.
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Egg grading and sorting machine

Automatic egg grading machine, also known as egg sorting equipment, uses the weight of eggs to achieve automatic sorting. According to different grading requirements, the egg grading machine can classify eggs into grade 5 and grade 7. Grading intervals are customized according to customer needs.

Small egg sorting machines are available in stainless steel and carbon steel models. It has functions such as automatic transportation, optometry, and grading. The supporting facilities for farm egg processing include egg washing machines, egg suction machines, egg printers, egg packaging machines, etc. LIVI egg grading machine is widely used in grading eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, preserved eggs, quail eggs, etc.

Egg Grader Machine
Egg Grading Machine

Advantages Of Egg Grading And Sorting Machine

  • Made of carbon steel and a plastic coating process that enables greater durability.
  • Can sort eggs into a maximum of 4--7 grades, with accuracy within t1g, and capacity of 1000-10000 eggs per hour
  • Includes egg grading & candling. Egg printer and vacuum egg lifter are optional as per your need.
  • The eag loading roller conveyor can be set on either the left side or the right-hand side as per your need
  • g grader and filter layer.
Egg grading and sorting machine for sale

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