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Chicken Floor raising system

Name : Deep litter system,Broiler flat raising equipment

Condition : New 

Composition: water line, feed line

Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms

Use: For broilers , 45 days chicken

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SONCAP, CE.
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floor raising system for Broilers

Broiler floor raising system, also known as deep litter system, is composed of automatic pan feeding system, automatic drinking water system, ventilation system, environmental control system, cooling pad and heating system to provide a better living environment for broilers.

feeding pan

Automatic pan feeding system

automatic drinking water system

Automatic drinking water system

Advantage of Broiler floor raising system

1. Simple operation, saving feeding time, high efficiency

2. The height of the poultry house is generally 2.5m-3.5m. The width of the poultry house is determined according to the layout of the internal equipment at that time. Considering the ventilation, it should not be too large. Steel structure poultry houses are usually designed with a width of 8-15m. The length is preferably not greater than 140m.

3. Low investment cost. There is no need to purchase a large number of chicken cage equipment and automated poultry equipment, which can effectively reduce the cost of farming.

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automatic pan feeding system


Feed Stuff Hopper

The equipment is used for flat feeding system for broiler. The pan is very safe and easy to use. Its color is yellow and red. Automatic control for feed quantity adjustment with 5 levels. The pan can store 800g-1600g feed stuffs. lt can suffice any time of rearing. The design of feed pan edge can avoid the feed stuffs wasting.


14 Grids Feed Pan 

Pan diameter: 330mm

Pan material: 100% virgin PE material With anti UV additive

Feed capacity: 40-55 birds/ pan

Pan use: starting from 1-day age

Cleaning: hang dry, wash by high pressure water, easy cleaning


Driving motor

0.75kw, 220V, 3 phase, 60hz Taiwan brand

Feed pipe with 4 holes

Feed pipe with 4 holes

Material: hot-dip galvanized steel 

Zinc coated: 275g/m2


automatic drinking water system


Pressure regulator

Flexiable adjust, long lifespan

water nipple and hanging cup

Water pipe and nipple drinker

The water route connection is all sealed to avoid the contact with air and dust, ensuring clean water and preventing water pollution. The drinking nipple is designed with high sen-sitivity, which can ensure 360 degrees rotation.

slatted floor system in poultry

Plastic Floor System

PVC blending extrusion, smooth andclean, and burr-free

Corrosion resistant, anti-aging, good design, and no waste

The surface: width 25mm, the gap is 11mm or 21mm, surfaceis with non-slip streaks;

Plastic Floor System

The size: width 500mm length1000, 1500, 2000, 3000mm also can be customized acordingto customersS demands.

Easy maintenance, if there is something wrong, easy to change new piece

The common useful life is around 10-15years. 

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