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 H type Battery chicken Cages

Product Name : H type chicken cage , H type battery cage system

Breeding volume : More than 30,000 birds

Tier : 3 tiers , 4 tiers , 5 tiers , 6 tiers , 7 tiers , 8 tiers , or customized

Capacity : 120 birds , 144 birds , 192 birds , 240 birds , or customized

Size: 1800*600*430mm, 1200*625*480mm, or customized

Material : Hot dipped galvanized, Q235

Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms / Chicken Farms

Use: Layers , broilers , baby chicks

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SONCAP, CE.

Service life : 15-20 years
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 H Type Battery Chicken Cages for sale

H type battery chicken cages can be used to raise layers, broilers and chicks. It can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, environmental control and other systems to realize fully automated chicken raising. This kind of chicken cage has a high breeding density, which is very suitable for medium and large chicken farms. It can realize intensive and high efficiency production, and it is the trend of large scale and modern chicken farming.

Design diagram of H type chicken cage

H type battery cage diagram

Features of H type battery chicken cages:

1. Long service life: The chicken cage frame and cage accessories of the H type battery cage adopt hot dip galvanizing process, and the service life can reach 20 years;

2. Reasonable Design: Designed with a large opening sliding door, it is easy to observe and catch chickens.

3. Labor saving: Only 1-2 workers can raise a large number of chickens.

4. Land saving: Greatly save the occupied area and increase the breeding density.

5. Efficient operation: High precision in processing, assembly and installation to ensure stable operation.

6. Intelligent control: Intelligent equipment operation monitoring.

7. Customizable: There are professional technicians to provide you with customized services.

H Type Battery Cages Specification

H Type Layer Cages Specification
h type layer cages specification
Chicken Feeding System

Hot Sale H Type Layer Cage

Battery chicken cage type: H type layer cage

Tiers: 4 tiers 2 doors 8 birds/door

Capacity: 144 birds/set

Specification: 1200mm*625mm*480mm

Material: Hot galvanized ,Q235

Breeding volume : medium to the large sized layer poultry farm

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H type broiler cage specification
H type broiler cage

Hot Sale H Type Broiler Cage

Battery chicken cage type: H type broiler cage

Tiers: 4 tiers 1 door 17 birds/door

Capacity: 136 birds/set

Specification: 1050mm*80mm*410mm

Material: Hot galvanized ,Q235

Application: medium to the large sized broiler chicken farm

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H Type Pullet Cages Specification

Tips: Chicken farmers most often choose 3 tier chicken cages and 4 tier chicken cages. This height of the chicken cage is not too high and is suitable for most chicken cages. But if you have higher needs, we can also provide it for you. We have a professional team that can provide you with customized services.

Automatic H type Battery cage System

Chicken Feeding System

Chicken Feeding System

The feeding system equipped with H type chicken cages is generally a fully automatic driving type feeding machine. The feeding speed can be adjusted, about 1.25kg-5.85kg/12m per minute. It can greatly increase the feeding speed of the chicken house.

Chicken Drinking System

Chicken Drinking System

Chicken cage systems generally have water pipes and drinking nipples. It is also equipped with a pressure reducing valve or a pressure reducing water tank to adjust the water pressure and stabilize the water supply.

Egg Collection System

Egg Collection System

The working efficiency of the egg collection system is about 3000-5000 per hour, which greatly improves the efficiency of egg collection. The system has a high degree of automation and can be used with horizontal and inclined transmission systems to directly transport eggs out of the chicken house or egg storage.


Feces Cleaning Equipment

The manure removal equipment used in the H type chicken cage is a flat belt manure removal system. There is a manure removal belt under each tier of chicken cages. And it can be connected to the horizontal and oblique manure cleaning system, which can collect all the chicken manure and clear it out of the chicken house.


Environmental Control System

The growth of chickens also requires environmental factors such as suitable temperature and humidity. Environmental control systems are designed to solve this problem. In closed chicken house, environmental factors can be adjusted to help the chickens grow better.

Advantages Of H Type Battery Cage System

What are the advantages of H type automated chicken cages compared with A type automated chicken cages

Compared with A type chicken cages, H type chicken cages have higher breeding density. In the same chicken house, the chicken amount of H type automated battery cages will be 2-3 times than that of A type chicken cages. 


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